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  1. 14oz of solid mushroom gold :)

  2. 14oz of solid mushroom gold :)

    I'm pretty sure that the pointy one is NOT a morel. And the 3 small ones to the left of it look to be smaller versions of this non-morel.
  3. Great Read about Artifact Hunter
  4. Please help identify this thing! Was 1ft deep!

    Windmill blade.
  5. Not 1, not 2 , BUT 3 standers on a 5 silver day

    Charles B. Ware, born about 1850 in Mass. Enumerated in 1880 at 162 Williams Street, New London. Occupation merchant tailor.
  6. Have you ever seen a wrench/spanner this big 😂

    Still use wrenches that big on farm equipment!
  7. ✅ SOLVED I don’t know some kind of implement tooth?

    It is the "shoe" tip for a wooden sweep tooth. Keeps the wood from splintering. Used for picking up hay windrows and "sweeping" them to a hay stack.
  8. What is this?

    I agree with Bear. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the pics.
  9. Finding bottles.

    Bottle was manufactured April 1977
  10. Some bottles I found with my dad.

    In 1910, Richard A Hudnut, born 1856 in New York, was a chemist living on Madison Ave, Manhattan, NY

    This site has an almost identical bulb bottle identified as an antique perfume bottle.
  12. 100+ YO Silver, Glass, and Stoneware All From the Same Hole!

    The oldest I can find for Charles H. Selick is an 1880 New York city directory. His perfume business was at 38 Whitehall, New York, New York. The latest directory I can find for him is 1917. Between 1880 and 1917, he had his business' at various locations thru NY and the Bronx.
  13. 100+ YO Silver, Glass, and Stoneware All From the Same Hole!

    Richard J. G. Doelger was born in Germany in 1871 and emigrated to the US in 1890. 1900 census finds him living with his mother and siblings at 212 W. 114th Street, Manhattan. His occupation is a drug store clerk. By 1910, he was living with his adult siblings in the Bronx at 376 Mott Avenue...
  14. Wildlife encounters while MD-ing

    Let's just agree to agree that mosquitos SUCK and are the worst things to meet in the wild!
  15. No Clue

    Anybody know what this tool does?
  16. Virgin yard permission

    Did some more research and found that in 1920, Wm. Backeberg was the son in law of Fred Peters. He and his wife Lille were living with her parents, and he and his FIL were co-proprietors of a General Merchandise store. So, this token is from around 1920. William died in 1979, about 30 miles...
  17. Virgin yard permission

    Got permission for a yard that was just off the railroad tracks where I hoped settlers had camped when they came to settle Indian Territory around 1908 in south central South Dakota. The owner thought it had been detected before, but I soon found it had never been touched. Found some great...
  18. 4th hunt with Nox 800, bucket list BIG SILVER!

    Who ever had it, pinched it pretty long and hard before they lost it! Nice recovery!
  19. Found today at Battle of Mobile Bay camp site

    Looks like a type of bell they put on cows and sheep to help locate the herd or flock.