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  1. stolen ctx 3030

    Last week, my ctx 3030 with 6" and 11" coil and aa battery pack was stolen. The main unit's Serial#40446609632. It was pretty scuffed up, and there's a line in the screen, and silicon grease under the USB cap. Minelab has been alerted and they have the serial #. If this machine comes on your...
  2. Tribute to Beachkid23, 3 pretty cool finds

    i've rarely, if ever, posted in garage sales before, and quit posting my md finds a couple years ago, but with beachkid23, one of my favorite posters caring for his dad for the nonce, I thought it would be a nice tribute to post something now. I usually have nowhere near the same quality finds...
  3. Whitley Hill sings original songs about metal detecting

    Whitley Hill, a dedicated detectorist, sings her own songs about her lifestyle digging in the dirt. Check it out, I think you'll love it. Then go buy the CD:
  4. Whitley Hill sings original songs about metal detecting

    Whitley Hill, a dedicated detectorist, sings her own songs about her lifestyle digging in the dirt. Check it out, I think you'll love it. Then go buy the CD:
  5. Some Pretty Good Finds

    sorry, got the wrong title on this, should be "eyeballed gold in the parking lot." This gold earring I found next to my car in the parking garage. It's 18k (tested), and weighs .134 grams. I always keep an eyeball peeled for gold in parking lots.
  6. $2 Parking, a Gold Band, and A Good Yard Sale.

    Sunday morning I found this narrow 2mm, size 9 band in the water. It has illegible hallmarks on the outside of the band. It's inscribed on the inside with a foreign language first name. There is no legible fineness (karat) mark. The ring is quite beat up. It weighs 5.22 grams, which seems to me...
  7. An album of Metal Detecting Songs

    Whit Hill is a wonderful songwriter/singer who is also a passionate metal detectorist. She's also a dancer, but that's not part of this story. She just issued a cd of all Metal Detecting songs. It's a gas. To sample the cd and maybe buy one this is her website: Whit Hill By the way, she was...
  8. Detectorists

    this is an English live action serial, 2 poor schnooks have been digging crap for years and we know, but they don't, that they have just missed a spectacular Saxon hoard. It's a pleasant show, and funny, and these guys so rarely find anything good it makes me feel better. Dont' know which...
  9. Cool Video by a female musician/metal detectorist

    Here's a metal detecting video by a female folk/country singer, with original music. The finds are her own. Pretty cool.
  10. Seventh gold ring From the Field of Dreams

    14k, 2.2 grams, the 2 side stones are diamonds, the center is aquamarine Wednesday I was really looking forward to hunting this field again. I felt optimistic. I could have considered the fact that i had already removed 6 gold rings from the field to be a crippling handicap, that the field...
  11. A Cautionary Tale of Moissanites, or the Great White Whale Debunked.

    I finally found the Great White Whale that I'd been pursuing for the last year or so, on this Labor Day weekend, when I scooped up a 3 diamond engagement ring with a nearly 1 carat center diamond in a 14k white gold setting. I'd committed myself to finding a big diamond over a year ago, and...
  12. Vintage Modernist Silver and Gold Ring, South Florida

    The ring has no hallmarks nor maker marks, but it streak tested as sterling or coin silver. A sheet of gold covers one corner, and the inset is mother of pearl. Found at the back of the beach in a traffic lane while I was returning to the car park, the sand was more in the nature of hardpan...
  13. heres a dug wheatie error penny from yesterday

    here's a dug wheatie error penny from yesterday
  14. 18k gold diamond solitaire, Pandora bead, Sterling Charm.

    Tuesday, I recovered a diamond solitaire ring and a Pandora bead. The ring gave a very solid, quite low frequency signal on my excalibur 1000. I saw it when I dumped the sand out of my scoop for just a second and thought it was the ring portion of a broken tab, it had the bit of a...
  15. telescoping tube adjuster; twist-lock

    SOLVED: Bought an extension tube at Lowe's for $20. If it works, I'm still $60 to the good. problem was: i am making a straight shaft for my excalibur and was looking for a "tube adjuster" also called "twist-lock tube adjuster"; "telescoping tube plastic lock"; shaft tightener, whatever.
  16. Found a Made in China Gold Ring that Resembles Costume Jewelry

    Here's a ring I found at dusk on Tuesday. I couldn't see a karat mark on the band, and it had a cheap, flashy appearance. At the time, I figured it was costume jewelry. I forgot about it, and the next day I pulled it from my pants pocket while doing laundry. It felt a little heavy for a ring...
  17. Very Tarnished 1900-10 Sterling Trophies - clean or not?

    should I clean very heavily tarnished early 20th c. tennis trophies before listing them? If so, best way?
  18. Lead Santeria Figures

    I was watching a fast moving thunder-shower on my radar app move over Miami Beach Saturday afternoon. I raced over the causeway, and sure enough found several open parking spaces by the beach. By the time I had finished suiting up, the sun was out and all the empty spaces were filled up...
  19. Spirit of 76 key fob

    Spirit of '76 key fob ooops... I meant to post this in the $1 dollar thread, so I moved it over. This is the link