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  1. Black sand or mineralized ground... opinions please.

    Whites gmt has a black sand meter or something like that my buddy looks for the black sand and then the gold
  2. best pi machine for slat water beaches with a lot of black sand

    Waterwalker thank you for sharing your experience
  3. best pi machine for slat water beaches with a lot of black sand

    I recently visited a beach that I couldnt work effectively with a excal 2 , Black sand was pretty thick so now thinking of a pi for those conditions any input would be appreciated
  4. Help with excal 2 please

    Hi all did a road trip to Half Moon bay in california both excals working fine headed south to Santa Cruz lots of black sand both detectors null out almost completely even in all metal I turned down the sensitivity to 1 I played with sens all over the place. I tried going very slow and had a...
  5. Should I Get a Drysuit?

    Howdy do you need to pee much its difficult in a dry suit neoprene should do it
  6. Excal broke. Where should i send it

    Good to know about kellyco Thanks
  7. Questions about river hunting

    Hi I do a lot of river diving both with and without my Excalibur I find a lot of sunglasses go pro cameras and pretty much any thing people would have on them rafting or fishing. Get your self a wetsuit and some flipper and have fun. .
  8. excal is a temprrmental gal ?

    Hi all finally summer is here I am writing from Sacramento CA. I dive are local river. Lets start with the things that make me smile around 20 pair of shades that include a pair of prescription Oakley that are right for my roommate Gerber knife silver three band anklet and the thing that made me...
  9. What do you use?

    haven't heard any body mention the atx yet. latest greatest ? do your research
  10. best coin you ever lost...

    Hi all not a coin reply but the last gold ring I detected at the bottom of a lake a 8.4 gram ugly white gold ring took it to a buddy's for show and tell. Well yep I had a hole in my pocket
  11. Problem with Garrett pinpointer

    Hi I had mine do a similar thing sound of holding it in the air and then no sound on a coin just plain erratic. Contacted Garrett first sent it in had a new one back with in 7 to 10 days. I was very impressed Garretts service is outstanding. Goodluck
  12. 🥇 BANNER 1+ Oz gold nugget !! WOW!!

    Congratulations Ron that's a big nugget you going to bring it the club. Nice banner
  13. Hookah Recommendations

    It never ends. How about the camera built in to the dive mask. Go Pro, headphones and mask is to much but now a camera mask ya I want one.
  14. Hookah Recommendations

    And you don't have as much stuff on your back
  15. Excal with Grey ghost headphones depth ?

    OBN you the man I was hoping you would chime in Thank you I just checked out Joe DeMarcos web site and they state the originals are good to any depth. In any case I was hoping to dive a spot 42'. OBN I now have two excels and its surprising how different they are. I am referring how much...
  16. Grumpy!

    To much government that sort of thing is going on everywhere
  17. Excal with Grey ghost headphones depth ?

    Hi all how deep I can dive with the regular water proof Grey Ghost headphones Thank you
  18. Hookah Recommendations

    Opps Scanman I didn't see you were replying with a quote
  19. Hookah Recommendations

    Hi Scanman well so far I've used the kAC 3 or 4 times 3 to 6 hrs per day I dive for golf ball full time. The unit is great to work with super light I carry pump and motor in one hand and float in the other. And that's just sweet. No issues with performance although I haven't gone below 15' or...