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  1. Music Canyon and Above

    I have 18 targeted , 14 large and 4 very large ones, my readings are from the trail head , my targets are about two miles in, these readings are Process gold, but other readings are natural gold must be the mines in the area. You can contact me if you’re serious about going with me, my equipment...
  2. Woodsman of the world question

    I know were a lot of these monuments Are, and the names on them are always Confederates, I Associate thers with the nights of the Golden Circle members or they’re very close relatives, these were Members to guard the great treasures so they could restart the confederate war after they had...
  3. Jim Bowie's Lost Silver Mine

    Some say Jim’s mine Is in pancake Texas 15 miles north east of Gatesville Texas some say there’s 3000 pounds of gold there I’ve checked it out with my instrument it’s there,I have contacted the owner with no response I can read this from 35 miles away
  4. The dowser

    Hi I’m from Texas, I used to be on this form but I haven’t posted anything in years, but in the last few years I’ve been gold-mining in Arizona now I am the COO magnum Mining Corporation we’re out of Reno Nevada With mining claims in Congress Arizona. I have helped invent a new dowsing...