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  1. Garrett masking test

    Garrett Apex masking test Just found this on YT. Interesting results from Ohio Farm Hunter
  2. Metal detector giveaway - mention your from Tnet.

    Hey all, I was sent a couple of Ricomax detectors to provide feedback on and will be giving away one of the full packages still in the box with, shovel, headphones and pin pointer. If you want to enter just be a subscriber and comment on the video. Mention your from Tnet in the comment. Good...
  3. Vanquish Software Update 1.1

  4. Equinox V3 Depth Requests And Iron

  5. Equinox V3 Update - Deep Silver Test

  6. Collab Cellar Hole hunt

    Road trip up to NH for a Cellar hunt. TC, Mike
  7. Relic hunt new permission.

    Quick hunt on this great permission. Could only stay a couple of hours but looking forward to going back. Sorry I dont have pictures. Take care Mike
  8. Vanquish 540 vs AT Pro - Depth and Recovery

    Comparison of the AT and Vanquish. Love how the Vanquish locks on and pulls the good signal through. Take care all. Mike
  9. Ear buds - great deal right now

    Aukey B80’s Hey all, ive been using these for the past couple years. They are APTX LL and pair up nicely with the Nox and Vanquish. Think i paid 60 or 70 when i got them. Amazon has them right now for $35. Comes with all different attachments for your ears including memory foam I use them in...
  10. Vanquish Ground Balance Tip

    Last min or two of the video. Vanquish has a locked GB like running 0 on the Nox. Multi IQ handles it all very well. This works great when needed and also lets the iron through. Take care, Mike
  11. Iron Bias Demo During the hunt.

  12. 1790 Home Site

  13. Vanquish 540 Iron Bias Test

  14. Equinox vs Vanquish On Depth - Questions Answered

    Hey all, i had some questions regarding depth on a couple of my videos and tossed this together for a couple guys who are subbed to my ch. if interested here is the video.
  15. Back to the Reformatory Part 3

  16. Reformatory Round II

    Hope you like the hunt, take care. Mike
  17. Great Day With The Vanquish

    1800's Reformatory AWESOME Relic Hunt With The Minelab Vanquish - Metal Detecting
  18. A look at the new Vanquish