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  1. Whites Spectrum

    Get the spectrum. Great detector. Requires a fast swing. Lots of programs out there to try. Try to find a royal 800 for it. Or at least the bluemax 800. The stock coil I found was a little to big for trashy areas.
  2. Dug up some antique bicycle parts, a large cent, and some other awesome relics!

    Yeah don't drink that. I love hunting those old home sites.
  3. 🥇 BANNER 1700s cache

  4. Digging steel wheat cents

    I find those in those in the coinstar reject slot quit often at work.
  5. Where Are All the AT Max Users and Real User Reviews

    I just bough a new AT Pro a few weeks back. Ater several years of prduction i fiure by now all the bugs have been worked out. I'll buy a new AT Max in a few years too.
  6. AT PRO, a deep hole, and nothing makes since to me.

    Me. Fill the hole and walk away and don't look back.
  7. Anxiety attack in the thrift store today

    Those are gonna look great hanging from your ears.:laughing7:
  8. BBC Show Detectorists Renewed

    I saw one episode begin with the main characters, who spend countless hrs hunting with expensive detectors, watching the news where some newbie finds a Roman cache worth millions with a cheap detector his first time out. The looks on thier faces was classic.
  9. Whooaaa

    Years ago I ran into some bees while detecting and was inspired to draw this cartoon later that night. "Not the Killer Bees I was hoping for!"
  10. 1916 Alabama Chauffeur Badge

    Nice and nice display.
  11. Cashed in Some Coins

    I think..don't quote me though...banks are obligated to exchange those for face value. They then send them back to the federal reserve to be properly destroyed or maybe recycled.
  12. New Teknetics user here.

    you can upgrade a 8000 to a 8500? Cool. But I read that the 8500 was a little of a let down.
  13. New Teknetics user here.

    I'm getting a used Omega 8000. Version 4. Should arrive tomorrow. I had a few minelabs, tesoros, garretts and whites over the years bur never a teknetics before. It doesn't have the stock coil but a Cors 12x8 DD. Cors site says that's a good coil to replace the standard with. Sure hope so...
  14. Some research. I doodle.

  15. Found amazing old homestead site

    I didn't know you could detect in national forests.
  16. gray ghost or killer b

    Reminds me of a cartoon I drew up one rainy day... Next one will be a pair of gray ghosts chasing a detectorist into a church!
  17. Minelab Go Find series?

    Yes I just heard bad things about those cheap monelabs...I think a ace 150 would be perfect if ones to be found. any of the ace series from garrett would be good.
  18. Large Cent Found!

    Oh you are really hooked. Congrats.
  19. Sacramento park and school finds

    Made this video several years ago.
  20. Troubleshooting a Toltec 100

    I had a Toltec 100 and towards the end it was kinda loopy too. It just wasnt the same detector it was before. Sent it to Tesoro and they found no error. Try this...Disconnect the coil and inspect the wires pins and connections. Take out the batteries and put them back in. Say a little prayer and...