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  1. ❎ SOLD For Sale Two AT Pro coils

    AT Pro 13x14 Storm coil with cover included for $130. shipped. At Pro Garrett 5x8 DD coil with cover included for $80 shipped. Both are like in like new condition. I would prefer US postal money order as payment. Thanks.
  2. Hoping someone can ID this button.

    I found this dime size button or maybe cuff link today at an old fair grounds 1886-1916 era. I has a solid shank on the back and looks like it may have been silver plated.
  3. My oldest find yet a surface find!!

    While working a 1868 home permission i was finding nothing but lincoln zink pennies and trash. So I moved to the back of the house where a porch had been torn out and a lot of trash dumped. I was walking about all the debris when I spotted this 1867 shield nickle right on the surface. I'm...
  4. New permission found me !!

    I was at a local park Tot lot with the grandson showing him how to use his new Digitek detector when a gentleman stopped and asked if we would be interested in detecting around his 1890's farm house and outbuildings. I couldn't say yes quick enough, so we followed him a couple miles to the...