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  1. A good detector for the beach/water

    And that yall, is why i love this site. Sure beats FB anyday!
  2. A good detector for the beach/water

    I think Bigscoop was talking about your post and my post together when he said and the fact that both of our questions are posted quite a bit by other poeple getting into it too. Im sure he didnt mean that you in particular were asking the same quesions over and over. Basically hes helping both...
  3. OUTLAW SUBMARINER Metal Detector/Waterproof/Under Water/Submersible/Scuba -REVIEWS???

    Thank you for the advice! You wanna sell yours?? Lol. I'll start looking at those too
  4. OUTLAW SUBMARINER Metal Detector/Waterproof/Under Water/Submersible/Scuba -REVIEWS???

    Metal Detector For Sale - Kellyco Metal Detectors Any thoughts on this one.?
  5. ✅ SOLVED What is this thing?

    well, too small for a candle :(, lol
  6. OUTLAW SUBMARINER Metal Detector/Waterproof/Under Water/Submersible/Scuba -REVIEWS???

    HAHAHAHA, you couldnt resist could you. i knew it was coming, lol
  7. OUTLAW SUBMARINER Metal Detector/Waterproof/Under Water/Submersible/Scuba -REVIEWS???

    Thanks yall. Just in the matter of 2 months, I've put in a TON of hours with my BH so far. Day, night, yards, parks, schools, beach, and my fire station, lol. Im typicaly an all metal digger, or at least everything above iron. When i finally get to relic hunt at an old homested or property ill...
  8. A good detector for the beach/water

    You have a larger budget than i, so youll have a lot more models to choose from. I dont even own one, or ever have. All i do is land metal detect. But im in the market as well, and i started with researching VLF and PI water proof detectors. Once you've decided on what type of those you need or...
  9. OUTLAW SUBMARINER Metal Detector/Waterproof/Under Water/Submersible/Scuba -REVIEWS???

    Ive been detecting for about 2 months with a Bounty Hunter discovery 2200. I love my machine, i practically stole it from a pawn shop and its been great for me ever since. My coil is water proof, but not my complete unit. I went to a local beach last week with my friend and we detected the sand...
  10. ✅ SOLVED What is this thing?

    i was thinking maybe a candle holder thats mising the base???
  11. Spanish Naval buckle or ?

    "Lastly, I will share what I think the piece is....... It is a really cool half of an old belt buckle that gave me a great thrill the instant that I pulled it from the ground where it was lost long ago, and it continues to thrill me with its mystery and untold story. That's why I will never get...
  12. ✅ SOLVED What is this thing?

    how big is the opening at the top (or what i think is the top)?
  13. Spanish Naval buckle or ?

    hey yall, im still a lil new to this site. Although ive posted several times and have opinions about stuff in this section, Im still very ignorant (not stupid, just uneducated) on a lot of these historic pieces. With both of yall having a lot more knowledge on certain things that are a mystery...
  14. ✅ SOLVED 1800s? Found in Flint River.

    well, i dont know if its frowned upon or not. But if its junk or scrap to one person, then it very well could be a cool piece or treasure to another. I have no problem with him not selling it to me, but i just dont want to lose an oppurtunity to get if if he decided to let it go for a lil money...
  15. ✅ SOLVED 1800s? Found in Flint River.

    i havent been here long enough to see anything bought or trying to sell. This item kinda appealed to me just because im a FF and like keeping old fire stuff (although my wife thinks i hoard,lol)and theres a good possibility it was meant for a steam pumper. i wasnt going to buy it intending to...
  16. ✅ SOLVED 1800s? Found in Flint River., i have someone to blame! LMAO
  17. Spanish Naval buckle or ?

    LMAO. Really makes you wonder now. Who, what , where, when?????? HOW??? Sometimes when you search long enough you just end up right where you started...boggled and confused. I think your good by taking this approach. Lets just say (after the hard work of others on the complete buckle set posted...
  18. ✅ SOLVED 1800s? Found in Flint River.

    lol, i blame no one. But when i said i want it, i didnt expect you to just hand it over. How much does it weigh? And what would the scrap value be worth on it? If it will fit in a flat rate box, then it shouldnt cost much at all to ship, they just charge by the box, not the wieght if its not...
  19. ✅ SOLVED 1800s? Found in Flint River.

    you are correct! that sudden pressure will cause seals to break and therefore not allowing the pressure needed to flow the correct amount of water at a fire scene. We are taught to slowly close the nozzle on a line during operation, which allows for the internal parts to absorb the shock. Back...