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  1. 10 Days Worth of Finds

    I'm new to metal detecting and recently bought an Equinox 800. Here is what I found in my front and back yard in 10 days with about 15 hours on the detector. Includes 35 coins, 5 rings, lock, car and a golden elephant.
  2. ✅ SOLVED What is this piping?

    I uncovered this today. It is about 6 inches deep, and too embedded in the earth to pull out. Gas line? Sprinkler? It is also only about a foot from a telephone pole, and titled at an angle, which makes me think it is loose and not connected. Thanks for any help!
  3. Golden Elephant and Sterling Silver Ring

    Things I found in my front yard today. A golden elephant (inscribed with "Thailand"). I think it's a locket. Not real gold, but it was a thrill to see the gold color peek out at me when I dug it up. A ring with a heart shape on the front and inscribed with "Sterling" on the inside...
  4. Thank you Bart!

    Thanks Bart for the very quick shipment of the Equinox 800!
  5. Stuff from my front year

    Stuff from my front yard Nothing spectacular, but things found in my front yard on the 2nd day with my Equinox 800
  6. First day finds with the Equinox 800

    My Equinox 800 arrived yesterday, and I charged it up and assembled it. I had already read the user's manual cover to cover after downloading the PDF. I ventured out into the backyard for the first use, and here's what I found. All trash I know, but this is my first time using a metal...