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  1. Farm finds

    Got permission from an old farm dating back to the early 1900?s. Wondering if you could help me out on these items. Seabees
  2. Nor Cal for the weekend

    Hey guys, I’ll be in norther California ( Sacramento/ Bay Area) this weekend (nov. 13,14,15) if your looking for someone to meet up with let me know. I’m up for any adventure (Beach/ land) with my E8. Just message me hear. Thank you in advance. sb.....
  3. dog Tag

    Got out for an hour last night at the local park. Found this 1930 Dog Tag. My oldest dog tag by 21 years. Thanks for looking
  4. 1hr hunt

    Got out for an hour to a farm field. Two wheats- 57 & 44 and one silver 56
  5. Looking for

    HI southern miss. I'm going to be in Wiggins, Ms at the end of March beginning of April. If anybody is willing to meet up ? I'll have my eq. with me so if you also have one you could possibly show me a few pointers.
  6. Curbside hunt

    I hate the nox, it was really chattering tonight. Still need about a year to figure this thing out. snuck in about an hour of curbside action in Seattle. Found a few pennies, 1 nickle, 1 Canadian cent, another foreign coin can't make a reading on it yet and some sort of token that reads "Seattle...
  7. The metal detector that started it all.....

    Years ago, one must have possession of multiple machines to achieve great finds. One for wet sand, parks, prospecting, waterproff etc. Whites almost solved this problem and introduced the MXT that offered coin&jewlry/ relic/ prospect mode. Whites hit a grand slam with the MXT for many years to...
  8. Is the Equinox user friendly ?

    If you currently have a minelab are you finding the Equinox user friendly. I have an Explorer and I coincided my user level with it to be ok. Would the nox be an ez machine to run with?
  9. Found some glass worth keep'in

    1st bottle is Eno's Fruit Salt-Derivative Compound (bottom reads= W ) these types of bottles are fairly common. 2nd bottle is of Kist pop. unfortunately the top is broken off but the design was to appealing to pass up. It reads= Cap.7oz.Pat Jan 25,1927 3rd bottle is a pop bottle...
  10. A little deus help

    I will be in the Seattle, Wa area this Friday-Sunday (oct 13-15) if there is any Deus pro's out there willing to show me a few pointers I would really appreciate it ? Seabees-
  11. BC Canada md'ing

    Any body in the Nelson BC area ? I'll be stoping by for the day (07-07-17) I know it's last minute but it better than nothing. Sb
  12. Looking for some settings

    Hey all, I'm looking for a good relic setting in Washington st. dirt (north east to be more general) thanks in advance. Seabees.
  13. Coil Question ?

    I purchased a SEF 6x8 coil for my MXT about 2 years ago. The coils is awesome and my finds had gone up by a lot. The SEF 6x8 Coil stays on my MXT 99% of the time. A few weeks ago I went out for a hunt and my MXT was acting up ( beep when nothing is under the coil & not beeping when I put a coin...
  14. Big button

    Old part of town dating back to the early 1900's. The city ripped off a 300 yr. strip of road and out popped this big button. Thanks for looking. HH
  15. Barber

    This house I hunted had caught fire many years ago and has been vacant ever Since. Well recently the city bulldozed the house down and it was just an empty lot so I gave it a shoot. From the sounds/ finds of this lot it has been hit before in the past. However I did manage to dig up a 1941...
  16. Good for 10¢

  17. USAF Pin

    Well after yesterday's down poor we had,I thought it would be a good ideal to hit some places that I have hit in the past. The 1st location was an abandoned field that had a house or a business at one time right next to the train tracks. Not much there but a few spikes and trash. The next...
  18. Small aluminum tag

    Found a small aluminum tag the other day, not sure what it could have been attached to. It reads first line " RECORD " second line " NUMBER &" third line " DESTROY TAG" fourth line " 3A66" So all together so it's ez'er to read. " RECORD NUMBER & DESTROY TAG 3A66" all in upper case. Any info...
  19. Anybody hunt Brazil

    Heading to Brazil in a few months. Any experience you wish to share? Pro/Cons? Is it legal/illegal to hunt there? any info/ advice would love to here it! Thanks in advance sb.....
  20. 4k gold ring?

    Got out for a few hours and managed to pick up just north of $5 in clad, 2 junk rings, 1 1953 wheat back and the typical trash. I also picked up a gold ring dull in color with 3 chips in it. As I cleaned it up I noticed that it was stamped 4k. Doing a little search I found the following: That...