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  1. Looking for highly-skilled dowsers

    Try dowsing the electro magnetic pulse from your utilities. That is, power box and gas meters. That is dangerous stuff.
  2. Treasure marks question

    I have a sign similar to this, except, mine has a short line above which meant to double the long lines length. In my case it gave the exact distance, AND, it seemed to be cut in the rock with a crosscut saw, as your sign does.
  3. Help to locate gold needed.

    Good hit weregolf.
  4. Help to locate gold needed.

    Hey Jon, if you post a genuine dig of a treasure that was marked by a dowser with plenty pictures, names, places etc. some folks would argue that it was fake till they turn blue in the face. I DID post one such of my own but got shot down. No need to even try to please the nay sayers.
  5. Carbon filter tubes

    Sounds interesting, and I hope you will post what you are able to learn of the carbon filter.
  6. OK, take your best shot dowsers

  7. The other side of the triangles

  8. Dowsing during corona madness - this is WW3

    Monsters ?? Down South the monsters are calle '' Old Bloody Bones ''. The grownups would tell that to get the young ones shaking from fright, especially at night to make them quit laughing and talking and go to sleep. ;D;D
  9. Rummage sale find...what is it?

    Looks similar to a thing I made to melt beeswax in. Place a clear glass on top, put beeswax on the grooves and the pure whit wax will melt out at bottom to be caught in a container. The witer wax is higher priced. Then Again I may be wrong.
  10. Twins Rods searching for

    Many thanks for the picture Zorol, they look very professional but I am sorry to say that this is the first time for me to see these. I did not even know such existed. Hope you have great luck finding a set of them. Maybe you could practice with your friend before you spend money for them...
  11. Dousing...really?...

    Hey Signal, What is the tallest you have made the device '' like a flag pole ''? Will a taller pole pick up farther or is distance a problem ? Thanks. elh
  12. What causes solar cycles?

    GOD Almighty created it all and man will never get it figured out. WHY NOT ?? If man can figure it all out he will be equal with GOD. Take a serious look at DNA, Some have kept digging and found more. STILL, no one will get it all because GOD has total control on everything. I suppose it...
  13. What is this?

  14. Driftwood found - origins unknown - OBX

    Just guessing I would say from an old sunken boat.
  15. Twins Rods searching for

    Can you post a picture of them, please ? Would love to see them.
  16. Found as Landscaping Decorations

    Speak to the folks that own the parking lot. They knew something or it would have been gone. I saw my Mother use a rock to sharpen a kitchen knife. And I'm not telling my age. :coffee2:
  17. Some people can detect magnetic fields

    Signal, I did read the article but see any great need for it in dowsing for treasure (gold, silver ) as there are different kinds. For instance there are the earths magnetic lines that fowl use in their flights, there are also magnetic field from gold and silver -- then there are all the radio...

    CDS, good catch: in the book of Leviticus, after two chapters on Leprosy, Chapter 8 begins the consecration of Aaron the High Priest and his sons. The 8 can mean new beginnings, or start over? Also on the old Polaroid the 8 stood for infinity. That's a fur piece. Sooo, in real life the Spanish...
  19. Very Different Answers

    Any water nearby? Black duck may be saying go to water.
  20. Civil War Accouchements or Insignia?

    Hey Pop, do not clean it. May be older than civil war. cleaning ruins sale value.