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  1. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Need informations for a USA WWII dog tag

    All, one of Don's sons sent a "thank you" basket to the Masucci family who found the dog tag in Italy. Below is a photo with them holding the basket.
  2. ✅ SOLVED Help Identifying Button - Confederate "Manuscript R" Rifleman's button

    Great job in saving another historically significant artifact!:occasion14:
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What’s the name of this kind of button?

    Possibly 2-piece dome button.
  4. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Need informations for a USA WWII dog tag

    Jeff, thank you so much - most appreciated!
  5. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Need informations for a USA WWII dog tag

    Anyone know how to nominate a Honorable Mention???
  6. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Need informations for a USA WWII dog tag

    3 cheers and an Honorable Mention is due to Matteo and the Masucci family for returning Don's dog tag to his next of kin in the U.S.A.! As you know Matteo posted the request. He also drove two hours each way and retrieved the tag from the Masucci family - who found it on their farm. Matteo...
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED More finds from today unsure

    What is the lettering above the 4 in the second picture and (maybe) near the bottom of the third?
  8. ✅ SOLVED Need help with lock maker or age

    Are those letters above the USA? From the last picture it looks like _RCo. If they are letters I'm not sure what the first one is. Maybe hold it at a low angle with the light behind you and see if you can make it out. That plus the unique shape of the keyhole cover should narrow down the ID.
  9. ✅ SOLVED Need help with lock maker or age

    You can see railroad (and a bunch more) locks at Good luck!
  10. ✅ SOLVED Need help with lock maker or age

    Not sure. Until someone offers a positive ID, Google and see if you find a lock with that shape of keyhole cover.
  11. Metal button, Paris Perfectionne on back, Bird and Banner on front

    Wow, super finds! Although the town was found in 1864 the area was visited/inhabited by European Americans decades before. Per FamilySearch the county was formed from Lycoming County 26 March 1804, which in turn was formed from Northumberland County 13 April 1795.
  12. A matched set of rings from the park

    Just goes to show that persistence pays:occasion14:
  13. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Old photo ID

    I think the word "PLAZA" appears at the upper left on a slight diagonal. Might be the name of a movie theater. As far as who the person is, I compared to different pictures of Charlie Chaplin posters and don't see a match. As others have said - better picture(s) would sure help.
  14. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any ideas what this iron piece is from?

    Following-up on creskol's idea, if you look at the end in the picture nearest the "3" does it appear that another piece of metal was screwed in there?
  15. ✅ SOLVED Feminine buckle?

    Here is the link to my "buckle".
  16. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help with abstract pottery

    Yikes! I kinda see what DCMatt is seeing plus one or 2 more IDs. No help with the artist. Guess that beauty and the ID is in the eye of the beholder.
  17. ✅ SOLVED Feminine buckle?

    A real nice looking find! Looks like a rivet in the middle of the "D" on the back to hold the flower on front in place. Late last year I found a very thin buckle that although was a different shape was on the small side. A TNetter suggested it was for a choker. Maybe the one you found is also...
  18. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Instrument reed?

    DCMatt thanks for the education:occasion14:
  19. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED ID for some of my recent brass relics

    The last 2 could be from a kerosene lamp.