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  1. F/S: Minelab Xterra 70 w/ Manual & Headphones***SOLD***

    Re: F/S: Minelab Xterra 70 w/ Manual & Headphones I am very Intrested in your detector,but I'd like to see a pic of the unit turned on? Thanks so much. HH. Tor
  2. Garrett GTi 1500 For Sale

    I did'nt know we were allowed to hold auctions on the forsale site ? dose'nt taking offers mean the same thing?......stymeed HH.
  3. Post your Minelab Photos Here.....

    Heres a collection of all sorts of collector detectors. I found this pic on U-Tube. I blew it up,and found a couple older minelabs. Can you find them??
  4. Post your Minelab Photos Here.....

    Yah'' come to think of it....You're right Jeff :sign13:When I went to look up the Eureka Ace Dual, it was a floating box,and kind of animated too. (green) Maybe some one out there in Minelab land has what we need? ( extremely nice pics ) :help: :help: :help: :dontknow:
  5. what about the newest minelab fbs?

    I'd like to see Minelab come out of the too speak Why not extend the length of the shaft,Kind'a like what Gold Spear did, except lose the probe. Telescopic or somthing,, would'nt that be somthing to see. No ground balance either, Just point it anywhere. Most of us ar'nt kids...
  6. Post your Minelab Photos Here.....

    Im looking for good color prints of older made Minelab Detectors,, Not the Manual types, but more like the original catalog types. If anybody has got any....can you please post them here?? 1. Eldorado Mark II 2. Eureka Ace Dual 3. Gold Seekers 15000 4. Gold Striker 5. Klondike 6. Sterling 7...
  7. Detector stuff for sale...SOLD!!! Thanks Tor

    I always said....ya snooze ,ya looze....Thanks Treasure Net !!! :laughing9:
  8. Detector stuff for sale...SOLD!!! Thanks Tor

    Re: Detector stuff for sale I'll take them !!! I have some silver Quarters,and Barbers, Lets make a deal.
  9. Whites MXT with lots of Extras! Original Owner - $450 Shipped to your door.

    Re: Whites MXT with lots of Extras! $450 Shipped to your door. Sure MontanaMatt'' is a NEW member, SURE...MontanaMatt only has 3 posts, But this Man has been a member on other forums for several years now. Lets welcome him into our family. Lets give all our new members somthing to look forward...

  11. Just Bought (real cheap) Minelab Eureka Gold.......... Help

    I had to change this material..I was talking on another web page,and for some reason, Quoted it in the wrong place. Sorry about that..real cheap Detectorest... (what can i say,,,Opps'') I love that machine, The XT dependable, and so ez to use. THANK GOD'' THERE NOT POPULAR!!!
  12. Whats the diff, between the Spectrum XLT,and the E-Series XLT???

    Whoops ,,,sorry all, I should'of scrolled down the forum first. I found most of my querrys. I never had one of these,and Im looking forward to using it. :coffee2:
  13. Whats the diff, between the Spectrum XLT,and the E-Series XLT???

    Looking for some help. can I still download programs on the Spectrum XLt?? I've got a pair of Koss E-9000 Series Headphones,are they exceptional headphones for this detector? Im just needing some more Insight....Thanx
  14. WTB: Vintage Whites metal detector

    Re: WTB: Vintage White's metal detector Have I got a swell deal for you....Check this bad boy out... A buddy of mine just posted this unique Detector....pretty close to mint condition,,Would'nt you say?? Just find Jeff (OR)
  15. Looking for......

    Whites 1500 Blue Max,, W/coil cover...Any dealers out there got 1????? Prefer used. Thanx for looking.
  16. New members

    Good form....(OHIO)....Let the truth be told!!! :icon_salut:
  17. Want to trade, coil for coil....

    I have a Coiltek 15'' Nugget finder in fantastic condition. I would like to trade it for the 1500 Blue Max
  18. Coiltek for sale....

    The answer to your question is that the 15'' coiltek is compatible with the XT-17000,and the 18000,and the Euerka Gold. It also fits the 2100-D,and the 2000.....It is especially built for Minelab Detectors. Thanx for your intrest. may fit other minelabs, but not as far as I know!!!
  19. For Sale: Whites XLT <<<<<< Price reduced!>>>>>>SOLD

    Re: For Sale: White's XLT You deserve a "BUMP"
  20. Koss Head Phones F/S

    OK"" You twisted my arms....49 bucks shipped...if no takers ,its on to she-bay!!!