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  1. back to back nickel rolls

    tried to take a picture but have zero idea how to take good pix of coins. any help? thanx garrettfan2
  2. back to back nickel rolls

    in two consecutive nickel rolls I found a war nickel (43P) and a 1986S proof nickel. Why would someone open a proof set for the coins in them? I can put it with the 1989S half I recvd in change a few yrs back. It pays to look. garrettfan
  3. Pa. schools spy on students using laptop webcams

    this is interesting. this is the fringe of total govt control. the govt, thru (harmless) school districts, provide free laptops to people who may not be able to afford them, or can. they simply ask that the laptops include cameras. one problem. just like onstar and GPS, it works both ways. you...
  4. Embarrassing Medical Exams

    wow!!! all so funny. ;D ;D :laughing7: gf2
  5. How did Jefferson know???

    nicely put one and all. God bless the USA and those that defend her. gf2 in Tx- the right color state.
  6. Im still pissed. Should have just called 911?

    Re: I'm still pissed. Should have just called 911? coulda been a crackhead, got holt of the wrong stuff....... ;D ;D gf2 (hopefully every one knows of the Alabama leprechaun of you tube fame. if not, check it out and this will make sense)
  7. I need a Snow Blower like this

    in texas that would be a reaaaallllly nice ceiling fan!!!!!! :icon_thumleft: gf2
  8. A Dog Gone Good Hunt!

    always good to hit a park. you never know. if nothing else, it is battery money!! HH in '10 gf2 in tx
  9. silver day

    cool story. treasure is all over if we will look. I found a 1964 qtr yesterday in change and the same day my co worker found a 1982-S qtr(yes from a mint set) in change. 2 yrs ago I got a 1989S half dollar in change. keep looking. gf2
  10. old sayings please add yours

    Here are a few that come to mind. Enjoy. crazy person: reckon their saw done hit a knot. bad singer: sounds like a pine knot in a saw mill bit dog barks first dumber than a bag of barber hair grinnin' like a stuffed possum grinnin' like a butchers dog making more noise than a heifer walking...
  11. Treasure of a photo honors ALL military personnel/veterans

    Attention all,especially veterans. I would like to ask the help of all T Net members. My son Matthew entered this picture for a college scholarship and needs your vote. Go to the following link: and it will come up on his...
  12. Need Help identifying this Necklace !!!

    hey rrb, nice find. gf2 in colleyville
  13. 25th Anniversary Ring Returned!!

    awesome story. THE best hobby period. nice pics. thanks for sharing. gf2
  14. 9000th coin of 2009, 717 coins in September.

    Re: 9000th coin of 2009 wow. that is a whooooolllle lot o coins. just curious how often you go and how many hours. being the stat nut that I am, I had to do some math. Today is roughly the 270th day of 2009. If I had gone every single day, that would be 33+ coins every day. That is an amazing...
  15. Free coin magazines

    Re: Free coin magazines,THEY ARE GONE, THANX Thanx to all. gf2 n tx
  16. Free coin magazines

    thanx to all interested. the magazines have gone to good homes. God bless. gf2 in TX
  17. Free coin magazines

    I have these magazines: The Numismatist 24 issues 1993-2002 AND Coinworld AND NumismaticNews Great articles on coin history. They were given to me and I would like to pass them on, perhaps to a beginner or children. thanx. Can mail media mail really cheap anywhere in US- maybe 5 bucks or so. I...
  18. I just................

    CANT BELIEVE ITS NOT BUTTER. not sure what it is but i like it. gf2
  19. I was just flabbergasted.

    hey Ray, first of all, good news is never boring and never inappropriate. secondly, good news is always good. thanx for sharing. keep up the good work and be very blessed. dean in TX
  20. Possible site of a old stagecoach station

    hey TwT, sounds exciting to me. love history. just no telling what might be there. oh the thrill of the hunt. even if you find no earthly treasures there, a new friend is a treasure you could not touch with money. be blessed on your hunt. oh yeah, i love otis. the AG show is one of the best...