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  1. California dredging open?

    It?s been years since I posted here on treasure net. I just had 3 claims made available to me near Laporte ca. so I?m back at it. I read in the Mining Journal that dredging was open in California again. I?ll look up the issue it was in and get back to you guys. Has anyone else seen the article?
  2. Lead Gentleman

    looks like "Johny Walker"
  3. Strange phenomena

    Maybe there was a heat source(fireplace,transformer) that caused the fog to rise.
  4. Some items from a militia site

    I thought the last one looked like part of a bearing race mybe?
  5. can nyone identify this

    I had a cheep barbecue that had fake brickets that look just like that.
  6. Bozos Only! When did you realize you joined our group?

    Re: Bozos' Only! When did you realize you joined our group? There is a comedy group from the 70's called "Firesign Theater" that had an album called "We're All Bozos On This Bus". Strange stuff but funny.
  7. Household Sluice Material for a Highbanker

    The wood might make it want to float a little. You'll have to weight it down. Is that a solid steel riffle?
  8. bug

    We called them Bag worms.
  9. dont come to my door and ask me one more time :( UPDATE 4th time

    Re: dont come to my door and ask me one more time :( Last week, in Yuba City, Ca., a home owner branished a gun at a census worker. When The cops returned, the home owner pointed it at the cops and got shot to death. Man, did she she not want to answer any questions.
  10. Any other self-employeed notice the economy lately?

    The realestate companys handle most bank repo's around here. There are 100,s of empty homes. I also do it for some investment groups that buy them at auction, clean them up, and sell them for 20,30 thousand more. I leave fliers on front doors that have lock boxes on them. It's easy to tell from...
  11. Any other self-employeed notice the economy lately?

    I have to agree with you. I used to paint new homes, but those dried up. Then I switched to comercial projects. Competion lowered the price on those jobs. So now I repaint the repo homes I painted 6,7 years ago for the banks and investors. I make more money now than I did the first time. I am...
  12. My new Work Boat

    That's plenty of motor for that boat. I like the boat color.
  13. what does a transient (bum) need with two bottles of rubbing alchohol?

    Maybe they used it to clean needles.
  14. My Gold For The Weekend

    Good stuff.
  15. Crazy Fishin Trip........

    that's funny.
  16. Do you enjoy fishing?

    I have trouble deciphering the Ca. fish and game regulations. You need to be a marine bioligist and a lawyer.
  17. Busy Weekend

    Write on!
  18. No clue and never seen one on here before ?

    It looks like a curtain weight to me.
  19. For thinking people

    The universial language of music.
  20. Yuba River, California

    You have to watch out for the nude sunbathers up stream from bridgport. (binoculares help)