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  1. artifact repair

    Thanks. I think just not handling it, setting it on a stand is the way to go. it's a stone Indian axe head with a hairline all around. Not so much fun since it would be more fun to be able to pass this around and take it to show family, etc.
  2. artifact repair

    Wondering what/if I should do anything with an artifact that has a hairline crack around it. Sometimes doing nothing is the best policy. Sometimes prevention works, too... Any suggestions? The piece isn't broken, the crack itself is smooth.
  3. Hefty Maul Find

    Yeah, it's not in pieces. But I'm just afraid a hard knock might cause more fracture. . . and all the rest of the consequences. Perhaps just find a stand for it.
  4. Hefty Maul Find

    I found this yesterday coming out of a stream bank. I've got a serious technical question: there looks to be a crack line running at an angle around it. I'm not wanting to be the guy who breaks it. NOT SURE what to do. Any suggestions?
  5. Yes or No? artifact or not?

    Same old game. . . whaddya think? Is this a hunk of tradable flint? is it something else? is it just a handsome chunk of rock?
  6. Just odd stuff. Tell me what you think

    ??? do you think the first piece, that triangle, is an artifact?
  7. Just odd stuff. Tell me what you think

    weird rock another weird rock, found by small river, boat scrapes?
  8. Interesting pocket change, shiny old penny

    I found a '72 like that recently.
  9. Last Years Finds

    stunning stuff
  10. My HUGE deal. . . oh, yeah!

    Yeah, the one, I think. It was a current frame worth about $130 new, sold if for $100.
  11. My HUGE deal. . . oh, yeah!

    I'm a tennis player and a squash player. I used to scout out for tennis racquets. Not because I wanted to re-sell them, but because I'd like to own some of the earlier graphite frames, some classic graphite. Listed at was a bunch of squash racquets, protective glasses...
  12. George Washington Inaugural Button

    Wow. all I can say. Fan of George Washington, the United States, silver, coins/tokens, and old stuff.

    Arrowhead that flies around trees classic right-circler
  14. Catholic relic question

    I'm a lay Dominican, the order named after St. Dominic! Catholics don't buy and sell relics and your best bet is to ask the local Catholic Church if they would like to be their new home. I like the holy water font. We have one at the back door. It's dry now since we stopped going through the...
  15. Flint samples for ToddsPoint

    To me, this looks like a hunk of flint from which smaller pieces, a fair number, were hacked, and not just the result of hard knocks here and there. Found in a stream bed at a geological level where flint nodules should be expected to be found. another shot of the same, different angle: A...
  16. Illinois flint bits

    First shot: overview of three flint items found in North Central Illinois. (My impression is that this field has been picked over for lithic for generations now). The upper two are debit age, the bottom one. . . well, I don't know. Help is welcome. It is rounded, scoop like flint. Sharp edges...
  17. For Sixeight

    Creek. Unnamed, so I call it "Todd's Creek." Been through it a few times since and zilch. Nearby is a nice field with odds and ends of rocks, including flint chips, but nothing real.
  18. For Sixeight

    placed here; message system required third party hosting service.
  19. New here. I would love your thoughts on this.

    agree with above. I'd keep it.
  20. No Nuts for 5,000 years!

    The location suggests this; found buried at the edge of a small flowing creek. The creek is spring-fed, with a nearby 3-ft. bedrock "waterfall" (small, not the Niagara!). Different rock material than that nearby. The adjacent land has one or two other small creeks/streams flowing into a moderate...