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  1. Fisher 1220x

    I owned one of these detectors back in the early 80's when they were introduced. Great little detector and founds lots of coins with it. I have been wanting to find another 1220x for nostalgic reasons and all the good memories I have of using that detector. Just happened to find one on...

    I'm interested in selling a scarce Chicago area bitters bottle and a very nice Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure bottle Asking 150.00 for the C.H Swains Bourbon Bitters and 50.00 for the Warners Safe Kidney and Liver Cure. Price includes shipping and insurance. The Bourbon Bitters has one very...
  3. Are these CW buttons?

    I found both of these in west central Illinois and think they are civil war buttons. The button on the left says EXTRA QUALITY on the back and the other button is plain on the back. Any idea of value and where to sell them since I'm not a CW collector? Thanks......... Roger
  4. Grants march

    On July 4, 1861 Grant started his march to the Illinois river from Springfield Illinois with a regiment of troops. They camped at two different locations near where I live. One location is about 2 miles from where I live and was called Allinson's Grove. After some research I located the grove...
  5. wanted to buy: fisher 1220x pro metal detector

    I'm interested in locating a fisher 1220x pro metal detector or just the electronics only since I have access to a complete rod and coil system. The 1220x pro was the hipmount only version with a freq. shift on the box. Willing to pay a fair price for a nice unit or work out a possible trade for...
  6. Fisher 1266 for trade... DETECTOR HAS BEEN TRADED

    I'm posting this for my hunting buddy who doesn't have internet service right now. He has a Fisher 1266 that is in good clean shape and works very well to trade for something with a meter on it. He has used White's detectors in the past and would probably prefer a White's detector in a trade but...

    Sunray probe for fisher cz detectors. asking 110.00 or best offer. email me at or call 217-371-6059 probe is in nice shape, just prefer using my garrett's pro pointer. will trade for a tesoro compadre also that is in good shape. thanks............roger.
  8. SunRay probe tip protectors for sale

    still have some very nice vinyl covers to protect your SunRay probes. These covers are made of durable black vinyl and are 1 1/2" deep. You will get 5 covers for 5.00 shipping included. I prefer cash or money orders and ship same day I receive your payment. Several TNET members have purchased...
  9. SunRay Invader FZ-1 probe for Fisher CZS for trade

    SunRay Invader FZ-1 probe for Fisher CZ'S for trade will trade my SunRay probe for Fisher cz detectors for a Tesoro Compadre in nice shape. probe is in very good condition and works great. I just prefer using my Garretts pro pointer and don't need both. email me at or call...
  10. Sun Ray probe for Fisher cz detectors for sale

    Probe is in nice shape....asking 110.00 shipped. email me at or call 217-371-6059 if interested in the probe. fits all cz's except the cz6. might possibly trade probe also. let me know what you have. thanks...... roger
  11. sunray probe covers for sale

    I still have plenty of Sun Ray probe tip protectors left to fit your 1" round probes. These vinyl covers will protect that expensive probe from all the scratches and scrapes they get from use. Probe covers are 1 1/2" deep and fit the probes like a glove. Several TreasureNet members have ordered...
  12. antique bottles for sale

    I have a few nice old bottles for sale. The first bottle is a C.H. Swains bourbon bitters in nice shape. asking 125.00. Next is a McLeans strengthing cordial. asking 35.00 Next bottle is a Paines celery compound bottle. asking 25.00. also have a few small embossed medicines and a couple local...
  13. sunray probe covers for sale

    still have several black vinyl covers to fit your sunray probes. nice looking and fit great. buy 5 for 5.00 shipped. email me at or call 217-371-6059. prefer money orders or cash. several treasurenet members have purchased these covers recently and all have been happy with them...
  14. FOR SALE: Tesoro 8x9 umax coil and cover

    8x9 tesoro umax concentric coil and cover for sale. has few scratches from normal use but works fine. asking 70.00 shipped. email me at or call 217-371-6059 anytime. thanks...........roger
  15. WWT or sell sunray fz-1 probe

    will sell probe for 110.00 shipped or trade for tesoro compadre with 7" coil or ????? email me at or call 217-371-6059
  16. Sunray fz-1 probe for sale or trade

    I will lower my price on the probe cause I want to sell it....was 125.00 110.00 shipped or what have you to trade?? The probe is in nice shape and works great, but I seem to prefer my garrett pro pointer more. I would trade the probe for a tesoro compadre with 7" coil in good...
  17. Sunray fz-1 probe for sale

    sunray fz-1 probe for Fisher cz detectors for sale. nice shape asking 125.00 shipped. email me at for pictures or questions. call 217-371-6059 anytime.
  18. For Sale : Fisher cz 7a pro SOLD....THANKS JEFF AND TNET !

    I have a cz7a pro in good condition for sale. the detector works fine and comes with an 8" coil but no coil cover. asking 300.00 shipped. email me at for pictures or any questions. call 217-371-6059 anytime.
  19. fz-1 sunray probe for sale

    fisher cz sunray probe for sale. nice condition........125.00 shipped.
  20. Sunray FZ-1 probe for sale

    Sunray FZ-1 probe for Fisher cz detectors for sale. nice shape. 125.00 shipped. email me at or call 217-371-6059.