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  1. Battle of Nashville Civil War soldiers coat found

    Yeap, or have it still attached to part of the jacket together
  2. Something a Little Different

    Yeap, nice to see the shank on those types, nearly always busted off.
  3. 1000 Acre Permission - Games Strips/Bird Cover - Hammered...

    The last options we have on this permission is several Game Strips/Bird Cover which was recently drilled with maize. We started on the Game Strip (we had never gridded) that was on the Roman Gold field, it was about 1/2 acre a long the far edge over the high ground. It took us 2 hours 20 mins to...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help with Gold Ring Mark

    Not sure but looks like the 14K is flanked by 2 dots in circles.
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Part of a saddle or bag?

  6. Coinstar clad...silver streak ends...

    yes, I count 2 as the start of the streak.
  7. 🥇 BANNER 1804 Dollar......No jokin' About This Token!!!

    Took it's time but finally the banner you deserve.:icon_thumright:
  8. Some beutty coins?

    Nice Spanish Cob, still looking for one of them. What is the coin 2 from the right? (bottom right corner of picture)
  9. 🥇 BANNER Seminole War Fort Awesome Coin

    Soaking in lemon juice for 5 mins at a time & then rinsing off.
  10. Is this 17g gold ring Freemasons or something else?

    Not really a Ring person by I can appreciate the work that went into that one. Must be worth more than melt to someone - congrats.
  11. New to detecting and having some beginners luck!!

    “orange coloxx gilt” Looks like it might be RICH ORANGE COLOUR.
  12. 🥇 BANNER 1804 Dollar......No jokin' About This Token!!!

    Nearly impossible to attribute.
  13. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any ideas what this is?

    My theory is, you put the pill on the padding on the inside & used the nipple at the end of the 'cutter' to apply pressure on the central line of the pill, as it easily bent & broke on the padding it wouldn't fly off like on a hard surface.
  14. ✅ SOLVED Need button help.

    This is one of those buttons that kind of breaks the 2 piece rule. It was made when all the 1 pieces were made in the early 1800s but had a fancy, & sometimes openwork attachment to its centre via the 2 holes. These were often plated as well.
  15. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help with this button...

    Looks like an early 1800s decorated civilian button to me. 4 cross like patterns in the centre with a beaded boarder.
  16. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any ideas what this is?

    I never would have guessed that wreath was a 'pill cutter', although must of acted as a breaker on the central line of the pill rather than 'cut' it.
  17. Nice Goldstone Button

    Pretty sure it had a pivoted end to be used as a collar stud.
  18. 🥇 BANNER 1804 Dollar......No jokin' About This Token!!!

    Pretty sure you have a blank coin (not sure what denomination or Country it came from, might be British) like mine that are mostly sixpences (at one point); Note that some have official Silver Smith Makers Marks (in cartouche's) & others less official counterstamps like your JP.