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  1. Civil War Bullet/ Recast Sinker?

    I found this in my cousins back yard. His house was built in 1851 and is part of a camp of up to 30,000 troops. Is it a bullet, two cast together or a poor cast due to a loose casting tool or is it just a sinker?
  2. Detecting Louisiana on vacation

    Treasure hunting in Louisiana. I had learned about three Civil War battle sites in south central Louisiana while I was visiting my mom in New Iberia. They were: the Battle of Bisland, the Battle of Irish Bend and another smaller one near the town of Patterson. I also attended a talk from the...
  3. Digging at an old Inn dates back to Mid 1800's

    There's also an old ferry crossing here which I'll check the water in the spring. The property is residential and I've become friends with the owner whom has shared much of it's history. These are from the last couple of days, including a bunch of tokens and five pennies two of which are...
  4. metal detecting in Rowan county

    There's also the 1818 Beard's bridge remnants which can be seen from google earth

    Tesoro Lobo Super Traq Garrett AT Pro
  6. Working together MD'ers and Archies

    Thanks Tom in Ca. Great feedback! I'll keep it to heart. I could also see the Archiies attempting to take over any site you may find too...for historical preservation...screw that... have shovel, will dig...
  7. Working together MD'ers and Archies

    My dad sent me this article. Having worked in both fields, I could see the possibility of this helping metal detecting in the grand scheme of things. What are your thoughts?
  8. Warren Idaho

    I love Burgdorf, Warren and the Secesh areas. Some of my most favorite places on the planet. I'd give anything to live in Secesh on Warren Wagon Rd. There's a really nice M416 military jeep trailer in Warren I'd love to have too! Tons of awesome old mining equipment in Warren. Here are some pix...
  9. 1846 and my First Silver Coin!

    This house was built in 1846 and was built near one of the earliest thoroughfares in Western NC. I got permission from the owners whom apparently have mutual friends of mine, Awesome! I brought along my little elf helper and a buddy. They found some clad and a few older pennies. I found a green...
  10. Message on a Bottle

    They kept uploading sideways.
  11. Message on a Bottle

    Today's river finds. Another Milk bottle with raised lettering which states; 1 quart liquid Dairymens Creamery Inc. Pure Milk Asheville North Carolina that might even pre-date the Biltmore dairy farms. What is a day of hunting in the river without finding golf balls and I found four more of...
  12. River hunting in NC, who wants to go?

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  13. Bonus Packs true value

    I have a set of the GG Amphibians on my AT Pro. I don't even use the dry land headphones that came with my unit.
  14. Bonus Packs true value

    Always! Our sponsors give way better deals than everyone else, including Kelleyco!
  15. Keeping charged while dredging etc

    I thought this may be of interest to any prospectors working in a creek river or stream. I am not affiliated with this company. The idea if one could copy it and create something similar for keeping larger systems charged...
  16. Bonus Packs true value

    Actually shopping for the AT Gold
  17. Turning a Garrett AT Pro into a CSI Pro?

    I actually like and trust the dealer/sponsor. It's only a little more than what Kelleyco stated about a Garrett product.
  18. Turning a Garrett AT Pro into a CSI Pro?

    Still seems like very little difference. Weight is different probably because of difference in coil size.
  19. Turning a Garrett AT Pro into a CSI Pro?

    I spoke with a vendor on here and he stated that the only real difference is the label on the housing. He mentioned a couple other minor things like it being better for finding bullets and therefore marketed to police departments etc, but that was the gist of it. Waiting for Garrett to chime...