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  1. Button book

    Ty...its crazy how expensive they are
  2. 2021 ended well

    Yes it's a button
  3. Button book

    Thanks for the info
  4. Button book

    I'd like to get a book on the identification of old colonial time frame and civil war time frame buttons and I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction.
  5. New Year's Eve hunt

    Awesome find!! Congrats!!
  6. 2021 ended well

    I'll see how 2022 starts off I'm going out tomorrow which will be January 2nd
  7. 2021 ended well

    Had a great new years eve day hunt with the garrett At max at a old homestead .hopefully I can start 2022 out like 2021 ended
  8. Small coin spill

    Was out hunting a old swimming hole the other day and found these three coins all within 5ft of each guessing that they all came from the same person.that's the only old coins that I have found in that hole.
  9. Fishing weights?

    All the weights are from the same stream but it's from about 3 different spots
  10. Fishing weights?

    Everything in the picture is lead definitely nothing natural ..if u look close alot of the holes are made with what I'm thinking are square nails
  11. Fishing weights?

    Does anyone know how to age fishing sinkers/weights? I have found hundreds of hand made fishing weights over the past few summers and I'm always wondering how old they are.