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  1. ✅ SOLVED Found this in a Civil War Camp

    Anyone know what this is? It was found in a Union camp.
  2. ✅ SOLVED Sterling and Iron

    Pulled this out yesterday at a late 1800s house in Kentucky. The T2 picked it up with a silver/irony signal. I’m fairly certain that it is sterling, but not sure about what it was used for. It has iron globs inside that I’m having trouble removing. The Lower part appears to look like it may...
  3. 24 inch edged weapon

    My buddy found this along with other Civil War artifacts at a Civil War skirmish site at eight inches down. Anyone have an answer to as what this might be? I forgot to add an important piece of info to the knife/blade. The cutting edge is on the inside, not on the out.
  4. 🙋 WANTED Minelab CTX 3030

    Looking for a minelab ctx 3030 either new or in excellent condition. Need waterproof headphones as well.
  5. Hello all- Old ring?

    I was wondering if any of you all might know what type of ring this is, how old you think it might be? It came out of a colonial era house site; it was Dug today and looks to be silver plated or silver washed. Thank you
  6. good day arrowhead huntin!

    we went out out after the constant downpour of rain for the past few days and scored some decent points. my best day ever , which doesn't say much, but to me I'm good with it. the first couple of fields had footprints on them, so nothing there, so we headed to another couple fields where no...
  7. Pewter Rat-tail spoon

    I got this yesterday at a spot where my friend had found a 1757 Escudo. there's been hundreds of flat buttons and other things come out of there few coins, cut silver, large pennies, and some other colonial goodies. There are five or six different foundations in the area they have been pushing...
  8. Privy find

    Anyone know the significance of this countermark? I found it in a civil war era privy. Thanks.
  9. Thought it was another blazer button but not certain for

    It still might be a blazer button, but something tells me it's got a little bit better quality to it and More detail. Anyone know anything about the fob other than being from Kentucky?
  10. Need help on ID from trash pit dig

    Found this digging a trash pit from a 1820's site it was eyeballed at about 14 inches down or so. Any ideas on this?
  11. Incredible couple of "flukes" day

    Cut colonial Spanish and Silver wings had to bribe my huntin buddy to go with me to a group hunt at an old boy scout camp. He said he needed to mow his farm and was behind. I said "we'll get it it next week." He said "you mean YOU will get it next week." I said ok let's go hunt. We got...
  12. Some sort of fob or tag

    I found this yesterday in a privy we were digging. Front says " Please return and get reward. " obverse "Cauchois private estate coffee Fulton Mills New York City. "
  13. lead thing with hole through it

    Found at an 1850's house where civil war activity was prevalent. There is also a big Creek close as well
  14. couple of unique firsts

    Couple of unique finds yesterday at an 1860 home. I guess the silver thing is a snuff spoon kit/holder, and two railroad lock keys (well I think the fatter one is.) And a small token size of a dime. Thanks for looking. Here's the rest of the pics that were lost when the app crashed
  15. Not sure about this buckle/clasp

    Found yesterday at a mid-late 1800s home. Was civil war activity in the area. It looks like the buck or antelope is silver or white metal and the clasp is brass with gold gilt.
  16. dug this in a 19 teens to 1920s privy.

    dug this in a 19 teens to 1920's privy. I'm not sure but could be older than the privy or same age? A late toss in that was held on too for a while? It kind of looks like agate.. it's also not a perfect cube.
  17. ✅ SOLVED sterling attachment?

    Found in front yard area of 1850's home. It was 6 inches down its marked sterling and has 6 holes with removable prongs were. Saved a couple that fell out. It's 2 inches by 1 thanks for any input..
  18. Two day privy dig!

    this was a two day privy Dig that turned out to be one of the best digs in a long while. it was very hard to find because it's been so dry lately. but once we did find it it ended up having two feet of fill on top. once we got down into it it ended up being about 10 foot by 8 feet wide so we...
  19. 2 piece button

    Found in a privy today. I think it is a sportsman's button but I'm not sure
  20. Lunch break Surprise!

    I sure didn't expect to find this on my lunch break today! It's actually my biggest pocket spill ever. I'm still trying to figure out how come the Walker came out really well but everything else was toasted.