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  1. New Teknetics user here.

    I'm getting a used Omega 8000. Version 4. Should arrive tomorrow. I had a few minelabs, tesoros, garretts and whites over the years bur never a teknetics before. It doesn't have the stock coil but a Cors 12x8 DD. Cors site says that's a good coil to replace the standard with. Sure hope so...
  2. Some research. I doodle.

  3. Sacramento park and school finds

    Made this video several years ago.
  4. Best book for beginning detectorists?

    Concerning only the subject about metal detecting in general. If you can only have one book about metal detecting which one would you want or highly recommend to a beginner? One that isn't geared to any particular brand or model.
  5. Funny

    Ha ha ha !!! Saw this posted on another MD forum!! Funniest treasure hunting cartoon I seen in a long time. The guy who posted it actually drew it! Man he sure is good! And funny too! Can't spell worth a darn though!! Nope! He's funny and talented, but dumb. Oh well. Can't win 'em all
  6. Wanted! Detector for 300 bucks!

    I can afford to blow around 300 bucks for a nice detector! Does anyone have a good detector for around that?
  7. Took the ol Bandido ll uMax out for a walk......

    Wish I had something to show but only found clad. A Hot Wheel car and the usual trash. But it's been quit awhile since I hunted. The bug has been biting lately. I been looking at what the makers had to offer.....and decided to just use the Bandido for awhile.......glad I did. Although I had to...

    Made a deal with Mark and everything went smooth. :headbang:
  9. Snagged my 3rd Walker today!

    The day was sunny and in the high sixties! Perfect for detecting. I got off work at 12:30 this afternoon and grabbed my trusty ol' Tesoro B2µ and just drove off in my Ranger. I had no idea which park to hit when I left but settled on a nice little park not too far from home. I been there once...
  10. Corbens ring...

    Corben's ring... it's just CZ mounted on a gold ring!! Whaaaa! Oh well! Honey said if it had been real she would have felt really bad about keeping a lost ring like that. Anyway thanks for all the great WTG's....I was on cloud 9 all day and now I don't have to worry about ever topping that! All...
  11. Todays Rock!.....Isnt real! Please! No more WTGS! I cant take it! Whaaaaah

    Today's Rock!.....Isn't real! Please! No more WTG'S! I can't take it! Whaaaaah Found with my little Bandido 2 uMax today at a very upscale neighborhood park. Man I hope it's real! update: Just a nice CZ.
  12. Corbens Finds

    Corben's Finds Sorry about the dirty nails.... :laughing7:
  13. All my gold finds so far.

    Five years of detecting, mostly just a day or two a week and here's several reasons why. All clumped together.
  14. 5 decades of silver in one hole!!

    Each set of ten beads is called a decade.....And all of them silver. Oh....Did you think I meant coins? Sorry. I found it at a park where I never found anything good since I started detecting 5 yrs ago. Glory Be! I finally found something good there!!
  15. Two rings in one hole!!!

    A first for me! Both silver! It pays to recheck those holes!
  16. Gold ! !

    So I had to stay home today. Yard work never ends.....But while my wife was digging in her rose bed she found this buried there. "Way to go Honey!" :thumbsup: Now show me exactly where you found it." Bound and determine that more of it was there I later went out with my Bandido to find the...
  17. 5 pin coils

    Will any ol' 5 pin Tesoro coil work on any ol 5 pin Tesoro detector? (Bandido2uMax)
  18. First gold of the year.

    While detecting on a lake shore my eye caught sight of this on the beach. No detector needed. Made my day! 14k and at 8 grams. Shortly after met another detector there and we chit chatted a bit. I noticed he was one of those hunters who walks briskly and swings high and wide. Only thing he'll...
  19. So Long Explorer 2

    She did me well but she just wasn't my cup of tea I'm afraid. Too much serious work involved. I sold it and picked up my third used Tesoro. A Bandido 2 uMax. Gosh my arm and shoulder are ever so thankful. I knew I wanted a Tesoro again after using the Explorer for awhile. I only had one...