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  1. Sunday Silver!

    Had to pick up some groceries and did my usual check of the return slot on the coinstar machine. Scored 62 cent, first finds of the year! Just looked at the change and one of the dimes was a 64! Love me some free silver!
  2. Nice Specimen.

    Saw some specimens on the gold detecting forum so thought I would post one I found this spring while panning. It weighs in at 2.27 grams.
  3. Oh the Humanity!

    It just gets me how some people make statements having no idea what they're talking about. As you know recently someone got mad at me because I was correcting info they were giving out in their videos. Well my point has been proven. I saw a video where a guy was talking about the presidential...
  4. GPAA Gold Show, Concord, NC

  5. Local Chapter Gold Festival

    I hope this is okay to post on the forum. The GPAA Matthews chapter in Kannapolis NC is having their annual gold festival the weekend of October 21-23. If your in the area we would love to have you. For a $1.00 donation you receive a raffle ticket and can win many prizes. We're also looking for...
  6. Don't Usually Post But....

    Haven't really posted anything but thought everyone would like this. Anyway, a teller called last Friday and said a woman had turned in some coins her husband had collected over the years. I picked up some cents she had and turned in any other denominations and she said another teller had bought...
  7. Todays Search

    Today's Search My last order of halves came in today. Searched two boxes with 1 more tomorrow. Very pleased with the results. Box 1: (1) 1964 (4) 40% Box 2 (2) 1964 (5) 40% And a 2009S silver proof! Hope the last box is that good tomorrow. HH enamel7
  8. Todays Search

    Today's Search Did 4 boxes today, one was a skunk. Two Franklins. One walker One 1964 Ten 40%ers. HH Enamel7
  9. Todays Search

    Today's Search Haven't posted anything in a while, so thought I'd let you know what I've found. Picked up two boxes of halves. The first gave up: 1973D no"fg". 1983 proof ender. 1999 proof. Box two later.
  10. $21 in Cents.

    Picked up on Saturday, that's all they had. Mostly cars. 4 wheaties. HH enamel7
  11. First Two Boxes

    Finished 2 boxes of cents today. First box 10 wheaties 1998 WAM Second box 19 wheaties, oldest was 1918p. HH enamel7
  12. For everyone Posting Their Yearly Totals.

    There is a forum for this. I think it's annual finds. Best to post there because it will probably be moved there. Happens every year. HH enamel7
  13. Great Day.

    Hi all! All I've been able to search in recent times are 2 boxes a month if I'm lucky. I recently obtained the funds to allow me to search 4-6 boxes a week no problem. All I really want to do since I search for varieties. Anyway I got four boxes today and have finished one so far. Will update as...
  14. Garrett GTI 2500

    Thought I would get everyone's advice on this detector. Just picked one up for a good price and wondering who else uses one. Any advice welcome.
  15. Not a coin but.....

    Hi all! Was near a branch today that had reportedly gotten a new machine in so decided to dump. It is the type that you feed, but the inside is open so if anything won't go thru you can reach in and take it out. When my coins were finished I heard a strange sound while the table was still...
  16. Attention Eastern U.S. Prospectors!

    Hi all! Due to several clubs east of the Mississippi having some issues with the way things have been going with the GPAA lately, some discussions have been going on about forming a new organization. There will be a group summit at the end of May among chapters and others interested in joining...
  17. this weeks halves

    Had 2 boxes ordered. For the first time ever one of the boxes was a rewrap. No silver in the second, but did pull a 1987p. HH enamel7
  18. End of year total

    Hi all! My numbers were way down this year, mainly due to cash flow issues. That has changed now and I hope to get back close to some older totals. Needless to say, halves sucked this year. 2011 COIN ROLL HUNTING TOTALS! Wheats..0/351 Buffalos..0/10 war nickels...0/10 Silv Dimes...0/16 Silv...
  19. Thursdays Nickels

    Thursday's Nickels Hi all! Picked up another box to search today. No bison this time, but did pull a couple of silver. 1939,1941,1943s,1945d,1947,1948,1948d,1949,1951, 1952,1954d,1954s,1955d,1956d,1957,1958d,1959d(3). Canadian:1988,1994. HH enamel7
  20. $100 Box of Nickels

    Hi all! Let me just say there weren't any silver to be found in this box, but the other stuff made up for it. Buffalo:No date,1930,1934,1935(2),1936(2),1937(2). Jefferson: 1940,1941(5),1941d,1946,1947(2),1948(2),1949,1950,1952s,1953d, 1955d,1956,1956d,1957d(5),1958d,1959. 1996 5 Balboa from...