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  1. 💵 FOR SALE Whites MX Sport and MX7 Detech 7" DD Shooter Coil

    Coils is like new and works fine. Comes with the lower rod and coil cover. $120 shipped within the USA.
  2. Whites MX Six Shooter 6" Concentric Coil for use with MX Sport and MX7

    Coil is in like new condition and works fine. Comes with lower rod, no coil cover. $100 shipped within the USA
  3. ❎ SOLD Gray Ghost Amphibian Headphones for MX Sport

    I?ve got two pairs of these headphones for sale. One box was opened to take pictures, there basically new. $110 each shipped within the USA.
  4. 🙋 WANTED WTB XP Deus 9? x35 coil

    I?m looking for a gentle used XP Deus 9” X35 coil.
  5. 💵 FOR SALE White?s V3i metal detector

    The detector is in good shape and works fine. It’s been registered but the code was lost by the previous owner, so the owners name that comes up when you turn on the machine can’t be changed.Comes with 10, DD coil, HP3100 rechargeable battery and alkaline battery holder. I’m also included the...
  6. ❎ SOLD White?s SpectraSound wireless headphones

    Used Whites SpectraSound headphones for V3i and VX3 metal detectors. They?re in good shape and work fine. $150 shipped within the US
  7. 🙋 WANTED WTB WHITES Detech coils

    I?m looking for a Detech 7? and 9? coil for Whites V3i.
  8. 🙋 WANTED WTB WHITES Eclipse 4x6 coil

    Looking for a gently used Whites 4x6 eclipse coil.
  9. 🙋 WANTED XP Deus remote

    I’m looking for a used XP Deus remote.
  10. 🙋 WANTED Whites standard or NiMH battery holders

    I’m looking for some standard AA battery holders or NiMH rechargeables for my White’s V3i and VX3.
  11. NW Arkansas?

    Anybody in the NW Arkansas area? I live in Gentry, AR. I’ve been detecting for a few years now but haven’t gotten out as much as I’d like too. Just looking for others in the hobby to detect with.
  12. 🙋 WANTED Whites SpectraSound wireless headphones

    I’m looking for a good used pair of Whites SpectraSound wireless headphones.
  13. ❎ SOLD Killer B Hornet headphones

    Both headphones are sold.
  14. ❎ SOLD Killer B Hornet headphones

    Price lowered to $50 each.