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  1. minelab excalibur headphones wanted

    Are you selling them? I am interested if you are.
  2. Janury finds

    Nom idea what happened on that one took it with my phone. use a eyeloop. LOL
  3. January finds

    Happy New Year to me !!!
  4. Janury finds

    This is what the new year has given me
  5. minelab excalibur headphones wanted

    I am too contacted Minelab and I am trying to get them to send me a set at whatever the cost. The problem is if I put them on it will void the warranty on my machine. But it is worth not to have to wait 3 to 4 weeks to get them back. If you find any let me know i am in Sheepshead bay Brooklyn...

    I too had a great experience with minelab recently. I bought an excalibur 800 machine on ebay. I sent it in for a tune up and coil exchange and too my surprise they changed the 8 inch coil for the new 10 inch and replaced the battery cable and recalibrated my machine and get this. It was all...
  7. Headphones needed

    Looking for a pair of original excalibur headphones. Need whole setup with connector.Please contact me at this site or Email me at
  8. 100 Diamonds

    Yes it is an Earring and thanks for the welcome.
  9. 100 Diamonds

    Found this on my second trip of the day to the beach. At first I thought it was a Pendant because it is as big as my thumb. But when I got home and showed my wife you could see that it was an earring, But it is really Big and Heavy.