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  1. Oak Island Continued.......

    Well I sure started some emotional damage apparently:BangHead: ( see original post.). Really it's all opinion and speculation on everyone's part where treasure hunting is concerned. There have been many treasure stories that have been rumors and half...
  2. Oak Island Factual (proven/documented) Information

    Well I sure started some emotional damage apparently.:BangHead: Really it's all opinion and speculation on everyone's part where treasure hunting is concerned. There have been many treasure stories that have been rumors and half truths, fantasy, speculation, dreams, that have proved themselves...
  3. Oak Island Factual (proven/documented) Information

    It Must be incredible fortunate to have money to just throw at a rumored legend.. I guess a team of people were hiered to find relics from across the globe and plant them percisly where the story predicts history to be. Just think they had buried that hundreds of years ago just so we could watch...
  4. Tips for beach hunting?

    I'm a Mi native, If I was up there I wold love to check that out. Have you taken any pics? or recovery's?
  5. Oak Island Factual (proven/documented) Information

    If anyone is going to find something more significant than what has already been found, It will be Gary and his CTX3030 Seriously if that cross is Templar it has to be one of the oldest artifacts found in the U.S.. and the stone road.. just the age of it alone... I hope they do find something I...
  6. Treasure Coast Conglomerate

    I thought this was so cool, shaped like Florida. About a foot deep screaming signal from the Nox. Wonder what's inside?
  7. I think I found Lafitte's treasure

    The longer you wait the more chances the government will take.:skullflag:
  8. Dents Run Federal Law Suit filed today

    I would be digging where the FBI dug, there would have to be at least minreal traces of gold if that's where they found it. A simple soil sample kit would find the elements.
  9. Dutch Wrecks Off Florida...

    where was this site?
  10. Nailed IT Galleon treasure

    another great Find from the honey hole:headbang:! I will take it in for authentication.... but man it looks right.
  11. Treasure Ring from the Treasure Coast!!!!!

    Thank You all for looking, Some great points of view to be sure. I appreciate it:icon_thumright: Wonder why the silver acid test didn't say it wasn't silver? :violent1: When I find out, I will post the info. in the meantime... More finds on the way! I did not clean it, I rinsed it off that's...
  12. Bahamas Beach Finds

    I love water hunting but dry sand has the Loot too! Excellent finds! thanks for sharing!
  13. Treasure Ring from the Treasure Coast!!!!!

    Mother Ocean has been great to me lately! I pulled this ring off the beach in Vero (somewhere;) @ low tide I know this is old and silver, the Equinox screamed dig this! in my headphones. high 30's gotta love that!! Best pics i could do.. Going to take this and more treasure coast finds to the...
  14. BeachLoad


    Might as well show some stuff I have found.. enjoy!
  15. Blessings and Peace

    Blessings and Peace

    whats in the sand
  16. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Have no clue, need expert help to id

    That's cool. I think it's a mold, for what or what material was in it I couldn't tell you. but the hole on the end lines up with the groove on the inside to pour something into it. I made silicon molds for the theme parks... Kinda looks like that....It seems like there could be another piece to...
  17. Electroscope - anybody ever use one of these?

    I seen them, some ppl sware by them and some ppl swear at them. I never used one, it seems much more would be found if these truly work as advertised. I would like to try one just to see what happens.
  18. Treasure Coast FL

    Full of sand on all the beaches lately.
  19. "Possible" 1715 fleet or older mystery artifact found on the beach

    Hello So I started a post yesterday and had a few opinions and comments, (thank you) but mostly, I needed to take clearer pictures to be able to make a reasonable opinion on the artifact. So as requested i did. I put this in general discussion to get a many opinions from everyone I could. I...