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  1. Death Beach, Fl.

    Death seems to follow you around, you were at Pass-A-Grill and watched those folks drowned shortly after Debbie right? I remember since you snapped a photo of me entering the water before I noticed you rooting around at the waters edge then you slithered back here and used "literary license"...
  2. B

    What are you asking for the Sov? Bill

    What are you asking for the Sov? Bill
  3. Low tide gives up a silver ring, and you guessed it......another spoon

    I think that is a very cool cleaned up well. Congrats!
  4. 1-22 AM Silver

    That cross looks old to me, did you clean it or find it as is? Good finds...congrats! Bill
  5. Another good day at the beach..3 gold 3 silver!

    Great finds, a good day any time of the year...Congrats!
  6. Tampa, FL beaches

    That's pretty much "spring break" is'nt it? Clearwater for sure if it is...maybe see ya then...Bill
  7. tearing up ron lords beach with goldenwater

    Dude! that plat is a true "fatty" great finds.
  8. Headed to NC & VA coastal beach to detect? Need help

    Re: Headed to NC & VA coastal beach to detect? Need help I'm in Fl. I'd try google earth considering the way most folks are...I'm just sayin'
  9. Starting the New Year with Gold and Silver

    Impressive...go there again I'm thinkin' well done!
  10. 12/26 Gold is Golden

    Beauty... only silver lately for me. The next target though....well done!
  11. Spring tide coming later this week.

    Thanks, this is the type of info. I value, I'm certain you've forgotten more about tides and water conditions than I know. I really appreciate clues to unraveling optimum hunting.