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  1. Brandon Park Williamsport, PA??

    Thanks for the replies. I grew up near there, but now live 90 minutes away, so I am trying to get some info before wasting a drive. I contacted the recreation department, who then directed me to the codes department lol. :laughing7:
  2. Brandon Park Williamsport, PA??

    Has anyone here detected at Brandon Park in Williamsport? Is it still allowed? Thanks
  3. Pennsylvania Ghost Towns

    Has anyone ever detected at Masten,PA? Is it worth checking it out?
  4. Vanquish 440 Field Test Today. It Performed Well.

    I have the 540. I like it. I kick the horseshoe on if I'm not sure about iron. There's some question about if the iron bias on some is working right, but kicking it into all metal helps double check a signal.

    I boycotted by not having watched the last few seasons...
  6. Snyder County, Long Swimming Hole, Middleburgs Cony island in 1900

    Went here again today. Finally made it around the whole pond. Some more pennies dimes, and trash. I've learned from locals that it was built into what we see today back in the 50's, so the dirt has been moved around from the original swim hole days. They have also updated around it with drain...
  7. Hello from PA

    Welcome from Snyder County, PA.....
  8. Reformatory Relic Hunt With The Vanquish. Great Day

    Really enjoyed watching that video..Thanks Iffy. Vanquish looks like something to seriously consider...
  9. State Forest Metal Detecting

    I should say zero issues until today. I contacted The Bald Eagle Forest district office about Hairy John Picnic Area just to cover my bases, and received a reply from the clerk typist which included an attached pdf with the regulations stating it was ok. An hour after that, the district ranger...
  10. Northumberland County DeWitts Park, Riverside PA

    I would love to do this, but it does look like a maze of different property lines and owners on On X Maps.
  11. Defunct Picnic Grove Mt. Carmel area

    Mount Carmel is within driving distance if anyone wants to try it. Not sure what Aqua PA would say...
  12. Defunct Picnic Grove Mt. Carmel area

    I realize this is old, didn't know if there is still interest?
  13. Defunct Picnic Grove Mt. Carmel area

    Owner AQUA PA INC Tax Address 204 E SUNBURY ST SHAMOKIN PA 17872
  14. Snyder County, Long Swimming Hole, Middleburgs Cony island in 1900

    I have been here twice so far in 2020. Modern coins and beaver tails so far. The borough was easy to deal with.
  15. Defunct Swimming pool , Dornsife , Northumberland Co PA

    On X maps lists the owner, anyone ever go here?
  16. State Forest Metal Detecting

    I have just gotten back into detecting and have contacted several DCNR parks and district rangers with a kind email, and have had zero issues getting permission to detect on DCNR land. I know it is allowed by law,etc., but I wanted to touch base and clear it with those in charge before diving...
  17. What Pennsylvania County do you live in?

    I am in Snyder County...
  18. Welcome to the site! Please post an introduction thread.

    New member from central PA, re-kindled interest in metal detecting. Starting out again with a Garrett Ace 400. Thanks!
  19. New member from Pennsylvania

    New member, detectorist from Central Pennsylvania. Thanks for letting me sign up... Chris :hello: