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  1. Oak Island Continued.......

    Well I sure started some emotional damage apparently:BangHead: ( see original post.). Really it's all opinion and speculation on everyone's part where treasure hunting is concerned. There have been many treasure stories that have been rumors and half...
  2. Treasure Coast Conglomerate

    I thought this was so cool, shaped like Florida. About a foot deep screaming signal from the Nox. Wonder what's inside?
  3. Nailed IT Galleon treasure

    another great Find from the honey hole:headbang:! I will take it in for authentication.... but man it looks right.
  4. Treasure Ring from the Treasure Coast!!!!!

    Mother Ocean has been great to me lately! I pulled this ring off the beach in Vero (somewhere;) @ low tide I know this is old and silver, the Equinox screamed dig this! in my headphones. high 30's gotta love that!! Best pics i could do.. Going to take this and more treasure coast finds to the...
  5. "Possible" 1715 fleet or older mystery artifact found on the beach

    Hello So I started a post yesterday and had a few opinions and comments, (thank you) but mostly, I needed to take clearer pictures to be able to make a reasonable opinion on the artifact. So as requested i did. I put this in general discussion to get a many opinions from everyone I could. I...
  6. Possible 1715 artifact

    I found this recently, I think i need to take it to McClarty and have it authenticated.
  7. Posting Videos

    Hi Is it ok to Share my YouTube Some Beach Detecting channel on this forum? I would like to show some of my finds. Thanks R.:skullflag::treasurechest:
  8. anyone get the new tdi beach hunter yet?

    I have hoped for this. half of me wants to sell off my new surf pi and beach hunter to get the funds for this new machine. Just wondering if anyone has been using it and what do you think about it. i'm stoked.:headbang:
  9. Treasure beach Finds

    Hello, New here. I have a general question. So just suppose someone was to find something really super cool on the treasure coast. Do you turn it in to the state of Florida , never to be see or heard from again? Keep it and don't tell a soul till you get tipsy. Give it to a museum. Sell it on...