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  1. Nickel signal turned out to be a 14KP ring

    Congrats....great finds
  2. Equinox or galette apex

    as much as I love Garrett .... Apex or Minelab......sorry I am disappointed in the Apex....but maybe Apex updates may improve
  3. Cross

    I would guess a metal vulnerable to salt water
  4. Our first Shield Nickel! Yay!

    Nice condition Congrats!

    Nice...I did the update also. increased amount of coins
  6. Back to city parks

    Seems that one can always get away with something from the parks missed by others
  7. New Deus XP just came in

    I use the Deus and the Garret.....its great to have a back up Never know when its needed.
  8. X35 coil won't pair

    Yeh....I attempted out the Magnifying glass!
  9. Fossil bonanza! Wolf Tooth, Bison Vertebra, & more!

    Very impressive also looks like you were social- distancing :laughing7:
  10. Whites Metal Detectors Going Out Of Business

    I have owned many a Whites from 1980 - 2016....Always liked them, always waiting on the next model.
  11. AT MAX and Garrett Z-Lynk help needed.....

    Just curious... with hot weather here...will the z lynk work on ear pods or other in ear products?
  12. AT MAX and Garrett Z-Lynk help needed.....

    I usually get it to link with the pinpointer at 4 to 6 inches.
  13. 🥇 BANNER Giant pocket spill or small decide!

    I have dreams of this moment...ahh but the dreams we have. Congratulations.

    I have been in a lot of areas, luckily been spared from ticks. Always take deep woods OFF.
  15. Uploading issues

    I do not know how to post and upload any of my finds....are there instructions on how to do this?
  16. The last person receiving a pension from the Civil War just died this Sunday

    Irene Triplett R.I.P., I am sure she had a story to tell.
  17. Nice Civil War Relic Hunt

    Wow! Nice.
  18. Old souviet badge & coin

    Russian WW2 badge? good find
  19. 20 cents in 5hrs, I’m not doing too bad I guess..

    I know how you feel...I hunted yesterday...right out of the gate...1941 wheat absolutely perfect...followed by $1.26 in dropped 1966 Clad and copper/Zinc.