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  1. Found Lost Phone..Yeah!!

    Phone had dead battery..of course. Lol. Seriously had to walk at least 200 yards. Found lots of beer cans etc..wasn't so easy
  2. Found Lost Phone..Yeah!!

    This sweet young lady who works for me lost her phone on a back road in high grass next to a cornfield. I told her, with confidence, that I could find it. After several yards I wasn't so sure but we prevailed! I was a bit concerned about snakes and poison ivy but pushed on😀..AtPro rocks!
  3. Do I see what I think I see?

    YES!! Cool!
  4. Forrest Fenn s treasure

    Very sad. How does this relate to him trying to find FF treasure?
  5. Forrest Fenn s treasure

    ADKS and F4Fake.. You two wouldn't Know a genuine person if you fell over him. Both of your 1st posts as a new member here on T Net are to solely Bash and Slander. Crawl back into your Troll holes..MinerGirl out...
  6. Forrest Fenns Treasure - Clue Compilation

    Just ordered FF's book "Thrill of the Chase"...can't wait to get it! $35. Plus shipping won't break the bank...Minergirl
  7. Forrest Fenns Treasure - Clue Compilation

    Jason342...Cool post..I too thought it refered to a plane crash or was hidden in FF own plane..but he sold it several years you can see I've been all over the map on this chase..glad you're out there having fun!..
  8. Forrest Fenns Treasure - Clue Compilation

    Newbieprospector...One of my top 2-3 solves are near a kids playground..all I'm sayin'...MinerGirl
  9. Forrest Fenns Treasure - Clue Compilation

    Wm the Conqueror. ..I like your thoughts about the Brown...I, however, think Brown refers to the sky..the Indians have a 6 point navigation which says Brown means sky. It could mean look up or on a pilot map the airports are circled in Brown. FF is a pilot so may be his reference. Just a...
  10. A small cache of buttons at early 1800s spot in the woods, one really sticks out

    A Button Spill? LOL. Cool finds. Can't imagine why there would be so many buttons in one place unless it used to be an old clothes line? Strange.
  11. Indian artifacts?

    Welcome to TNet Mitzib. After looking through several Georgia artifact sites I do see very similar artifacts to what you have posted. Especially the rock with the 3 circle depressions. Many rock art sites found in Georgia show these circles carved on almost everything...Not sure why but it...
  12. BAM found. Maybe. Big Arse Meteorite or Couch Potato.

    Thanks...Exciting it's already being looked at. How long did they say it takes to get an answer?
  13. BAM found. Maybe. Big Arse Meteorite or Couch Potato.

    Hi Charlie P. (NY), Pretty much I need to re-study my facts. I'll get back to this subject. I do remember that if there is a vesicle flow to a rock that it would not be a meteorite. The vesicles show as "burst" bubbles in the rock. Also any "flow" of the rock would indicate it not being a...
  14. Impact crater?

    Hi again. I thought you'd ask for my I may have associated Okanogon County with the BC land just across your border where there are fairly new reports of a mining company announcing they found 100 new Kimberlites and another 11 new Kimberlites that they have also found many...
  15. BAM found. Maybe. Big Arse Meteorite or Couch Potato.

    Hi Smokerythecat, From your pics I see the little white dots which would indicate Chondriles (sp) and the other good news is I see no Vesicles or bubbles in your pic...vesicles would indicate oxygen and no oxygen in space. From memory, Nickel is only a small percentage of certain meteorites...
  16. Impact crater?

    Hi Shankersbend, Welcome to Tnet. After doing a bit of research of your county I've found that there are possible Kimberlites (sp) there. I suspected this pic was a Kimberlite due to the collapsed center of the "Cone" shaped hill. If it were a Meteor crater it would have had to be a straight...
  17. First Major Art Find

    Hi GibH, Nice find! I was curious and looked them up on Ebay....DANG!! I was pretty shocked at what they're going for. :) MinerGirl
  18. Any ideas what these are?

    Hi Sir.Catfish...Welcome to TNet! Here's a website that will answer alot of your questions. Go to and scroll down to "Tumbled stones". Many of your rocks appear in their pictures. Or you can ask EUcitizen. He is the rock ID go to guy here on TNet. In your post #7, the brown...
  19. Happy Birthday Day To All My Jarhead Buddies, & Thanks To My Fellow Veterans.

    Thanks for the post,! My Dad is a Major USMC, retired Helicopter pilot...22+ years. But once a Marine, always a Marine. Happy Veterans Day to All. MinerGirl