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  1. Alternative method for depth, Dowsing

    Testing methods i cant find an accurate method for get depth, i know asking with questions is the easy way but have to be another way; i meaning over pictures not walking the site. Im testing this: Put a wire over the center of target, have to be made it with one metal contained in the target...
  2. Grandfathers weapons

    Hi, Searching for some guns buried down a tree, it is part of the grandfather's inheritance Where could they be? See ya
  3. Costa Rica treasure hunt

    Hi, A friend mine is looking for a partner in Costa Rica Its a treasure quest He live in Costa Rica If you want go, tell me to contact him See ya
  4. Any hit here? A mine?

    Im looking an old mine or cave with treasure Red rocky mountain is the suspicious zone ..hunting for next spring, so, take your time
  5. My friend old ranch

    You hit something here?..
  6. Some old molten metal (cupellation?)

    I find this piece of molten metal in an old furnaces zone, on the shore of a river away from mines. Its hard, shining, color copper-bronze and have sound when hit it. Looks silver with copper :headbang:
  7. Two yellow dots (nuggets)

    I have some lucky with 2 nuggets like 3gr each one, one flat and the other a ball. ..White's Gold bug #2 :headbang:!!
  8. A little bell

    Its not a great find.. but some excitement for the moment
  9. An idea for the dowsers..

    What if dowsers creates a Topic where the user upload a picture from his yard or X site, with the purpose of visitant search and find what you hidden. Including some questions about the burial like depth, weight, metals, objects type, etc. Example: A picture with 3 flower-pots, 1 flower-pot...