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  1. My first Minlab

    Always been a Garrett and a Whites Man.....Decided to get me a Equinox 800. Always agony and ecstacy when going into unknown territory with a new detector. Much impressed with set up, turn on and run and setting up program....Liked the pinpoint feature. Went to fields I have hunted for 5...
  2. Nickel Hunt

    Ok Decided to document results statistically ... Spent 100 dollars ($2.oo/roll) for a Box of Nickels at the Bank. I knew this would be labor I decided the quickest way to peel the paper away from the rolls in an orderly fashion. Took a pair of Tweezers and slipped a pointed...
  3. Not so New Member

    Joined Treasurenet in 2007 last post was in 2017,,,rejoined great to be back in the news and postings.
  4. STATS

    I haven't been on here for 2 use to be able to see your stats on time spent on line and stats on how many postings etc....Is it somewhere where I am not looking. I am at Bronze now and would like to track my progress
  5. Notifications messages

    How do you delete the messages in Notifications, after you have read them?
  6. Stats

    I have been off for a while...the entire website has do you find you time - stats for posts etc?
  7. Camps and relics

    Looking for some good Civil war Relic hunting this fall and winter. Open for ideas, partners and adventure seeking out new sites.
  8. Coin Counters

    What is the accuracy of the coin counters at the bank. Sometimes I wonder if I am shorted a few dollars. Please provide, comments, experience or speculation.
  9. Does anyone know of Stan of GA?

    I am posting this here because he was an avid CW relic hunter in the Atlanta Area. I hunted a time with him and he has not posted for a long time...Does anyone know if he is still hunting?
  10. Brothel Tokens

    Has anyone found a brothel token. Just finished watching history channel and they mentioned their use.
  11. Looking for partner in VA

    I would like very much to travel to northern VA between Nov and Mar and hook up with someone to metal detect with. I have been detecting since 1981, I have done CW reenactment and enjoy history very much. Any suggestions, offers, ideas?
  12. Anything New For Garrett in the Near future?

    Just saw some reviews on the whites vision...pretty awsome...Does anyone know what Garrett has in the works?
  13. How do you Post Pictures?

    I was going to post finds, I set my camera on the lowest pixel setting and the went to the instructions: "The maximum size of any one image allowed in a post is 512kb. HOWEVER - we recommend your image be no wider than 700 pixels wide. I have a canon digital Rebel EOS and put it on the...
  14. New Garretts?

    White's come out with the new TDI, does anyone know if something new is in the works for Garrett....? Inquiring minds need to know.
  15. DFX 300 e Series

    Just curious, anyone using the DFX 300E series. Any improvemetents/ advantages over the DFX?
  16. Kansas City Area

    Just moved back to MO...anyone in the KCMO area interested in getting together to do some metal detecting...I Love relic and coin hunting...have about 24 years experience
  17. Whites dfx

    White's dfx Just getting back into relic hunting.....any recommendations as to a good coil for use with the whites dfx?
  18. whites DFX Coil

    getting back into relic hunting with my DFX...right now I have the standard coil....what are recommendations of coils for relic hunting?
  19. Permission

    Does anyone door to door canvas to obtain permission to coin hunt front and back yards of older homes? I used to do that back south, have not tried it here in California. If so what is your success rate in obtaining permission? I had a 70 - 80 percent success rate in the south. Just curious.
  20. Minelab Explorer SE

    New to minelab....DFX user....If you are a explorer se you rely on the screen data or mostly rely on the tone id for your detecting. My distance vision is good, but don't want to wear reading glasses while detecting.