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  1. Button help? It says "persevere M 1811"

    Found this button today. It was toasted when it came out of the ground but I cleaned it up.
  2. Asian painted vase? How old?

    My friend gave this to me today and it looks pretty old. It seems to be painted but I am not expert. Any opinion?
  3. Lead shotgun shell with loop? Old ammunition??

    Found this in a very old field. Looks to be lead and has a loop on it? The size of a shotgun shell. Any info would be great!
  4. Colonial spoon piece?

    Found this in a field. I remember hearing something about the line on it being the bowl brace for a colonial spoon? It looks like either lead or pewter. Any info would be great!
  5. Found a rare nickel! How do i preserve it?

    I found this 1886 v nickel today and I learned that is a rare date for them. How do I preserve it?
  6. Copper with script letters? Very old?

    Found these very deep under a big rock. They appear to be copper and they have script letters on them. It was found on the property of a 1860s house but the town dates to the 1700s. They seem like they fit together at one point. I can't read the writing. Any info would be great! Thanks!
  7. Any info on a new york blob?

    If this blob today I was wondering if anyone had info on it. What's it worth? It says Henry Evers 47 and 49 Monroe st New York
  8. Creepy gold!

    Found this today! I'm told it's antique and the gold is 16k.
  9. Sword hanger? And another brass piece?

    Found these two things at a real early site. They were found right next to each other. Possible sword hanger?
  10. Possibly rare button backamark?? Experts needed!

    Found this button yesterday. It says brooks brothers New York on the back. Doesn't have any design on the front. I looked it up and I can't find a one piece button with this backmark. I know brooks brothers is a popular suit maker now. If anyone could find info on this button that would be awesome!
  11. Musket ball age??

    Found this at a really old site. It has a weird shallow hole in it and looks crude. Any idea on the age?
  12. Pretty good day. Musket ball?

    Went to hunt at a really old site. Found a fork, a silver mini sword, and possibly a musket ball. I have never found one before and I was wondering if anyone had any info on it. Thanks!
  13. Anyone in Essex County NJ?

    I live in essex county and I only know bottle diggers. Im mostly like detecting. Anybody in this area?

    I found this at a very old property. It looks like an eagle button with a wire thing coming out the back. There doesn't seem to be any back marks. Any info would be great!
  15. Firs Video!!!

    First Video!!! Hey guys. Just wanted to share my first metal detecting video with you. In it I find 3 silver coins and lots of other cool stuff!! If you guys would check it out I would really appreciate it!:thumbsup:
  16. Possible Civil War Button?

    Found this in a dump site where I find a lot of buttons from the 1870s to 1890s and I found this yesterday. Doesn't seem to have a back mark. I have heard that the ball buttons where civil war buttons but I'm not sure.
  17. Pretty good day

    There was snow all over the ground today so I decided to dig a little trash dump near my house. Found an IH a couple of small overall buttons, an arrow head, and a two piece Waterbury button that I think says MMA on it. If anyone could find any info on the button that would be great. Happy hunting!
  18. Small Civil War era Picture Frames

    Found these at an antique sale. I was wondering what they are worth. They are about 4 by 5 inches. I was told they are 1850s to 1860s
  19. Find these everywhere!!! What are they!

    Ind these all over. What are they?
  20. Help from all stonewear experts!!!

    I found this in a dump and I immediately fell in love with it. Sadly it's broken and I really want to get another one whole. I can't find anything about this particular one. It has two coat of arms on it but both of them are different. It's is German and says "Germany 621" on the bottom. If...