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  1. Group pic of my colonial silver coins - almost 200 of them!!

    Lots of old silver there Bill. Really is amazing to see all spread out like that. ZDD
  2. 🥇 BANNER Viking/Saxon Cloisonné Brooch - Find of the year!

    Another fantastic find Crusader. You guys over the pond have some serious history.Congrats and most definitely banner worthy. Vote is going in. ZDD
  3. Silver Denarius around 90 BC

    amazing find, congrats ZDD
  4. Viking age coin and silver

    I always love to read your posts, I got a good laugh with this one. Nice find too. ZDD
  5. Best Navy Button 1812ish (most guilt) + silver Half Dollar Live Video too boot.

    Sorry I missed this one Rick. Killer finds your button is similar to the one I found a few years ago but the lines on mine are horizontal rather then in a starburst pattern.
  6. Very poor site...Biggest Ever Crotal Bell

    That's a big one Rick, don't see many of those do we? ZDD
  7. Bronze Cannons and Marble Monument Found by Global Marine Near Cape Canaveral!

    That's quite a discovery for GME, congratulations. ZDD
  8. Junk, Junk, Junk, Spanish Silver, Junk

    Congrats there buddy, fantastic find. ZDD
  9. A Find Lost 4000 Years Ago?

    Those fish hooks are very cool finds. I would love to have one in my collection. Congrats. ZDD.
  10. 🥇 BANNER Roll out the red carpet...bonanza time...big silver, tree silver & MORE!!!!

    Killer hunt Dan, you must be stoked. Banner vote is in. ZDD
  11. Nice six coin day

    Sorry for the late response there K1DD0 I haven't been on the site lately, I've been busy rebuilding my 82 CJ-7 Jeep, Hopefully I will have it on the road this summer. Rick and I were close by that's for sure, just east of Dover. Planning on getting back at MDing soon when I get back to NS next...
  12. Nice six coin day

    Nice finds there K1DD0. That place looks familiar. ZDD
  13. Colonial pit dig yields some interesting clay pipe bowls and stems

    Nice finds Bill, I really like those pipe stems, I have yet to come across any like them. Congrats, ZDD
  14. 🥇 BANNER Unusual find this morning @-120ft depth...a -30 BC find during scuba detection

    Hey there Frog Master, congrats on making the Banner:headbang:. Diving finds are rare up on the top, sure nice to see yours up there. Now go back and find the rest of the amphora...just joking:laughing7: Congrats again, ZDD
  15. First Feb. Hunt...Ever. Copper, and a tiny Bug

    That was a great day, we didn't get much but had a very nice time. Soooo nice to be out for a hunt, but it sure looks like we might have to wait a while before the next one there Ol Buddy.
  16. 🥇 BANNER Unusual find this morning @-120ft depth...a -30 BC find during scuba detection

    That's an excellent find Frogmaster, congrats. I think I will be voting Banner on this. We just don't see enough diving finds up on the top and seeing how old this baby is I would say it deserves to up there. See you on the bottom buddy, ZDD
  17. ~~CT Cellar Hole~~On With The Campaign~~

    Nice finds there JB, looks like you had yourself a fine day. Oh and where is all your snow at? It looks like excellent detecting conditions. ZDD
  18. Roman Bath House - Wish List Coin...

    Fantastic find Cru. You know I think that site might be worth another 6 hours of gridding. There has to be allot of goodies lost at a bath house site. Congrats on that silver and the die. ZDD
  19. The Deus Makes A Big First Silver Find - Spanish Cob

    great find, a cob is still on my wish list. Congrats ZDD
  20. Not a bad haul...if I do say so myself, what do you think?

    Thanks Bill, I would love to get down your way again one day and try some of your water holes. I'm sure there are allot of goodies to be found. ZDD