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  1. It’s been a LOOONG while!

    I think that’s exactly it! Thanks!
  2. It’s been a LOOONG while!

    Thanks! And possibly? There’s a whole that goes all the way through and it has a good weight to it.
  3. It’s been a LOOONG while!

    Wow, it’s been over a year since I’ve been out digging but I definitely wasn’t let down with this hunt! 15 minutes into the field and found our first buckle ever! It’s been beat up by a tractor but that comes with hunting in a crop field. Still awesome and super excited to find! Found some other...
  4. Gotta get back in the game!

    Never! I’ll be 35 when I finish. My sister-in-law went back and finished as an RN around that age too after her divorce. Fun thing is, my dad is also back in school. He’s been in and out over the past 12 or so years trying to finish (only able to take like one class a semester) but work ends up...
  5. Gotta get back in the game!

    Thanks! I’m terrified and was never confident in myself to go back to school. But I have some of the best and smartest people I know backing me. I think I’ll calm down once classes actually start and once I get through this TEAS test.
  6. Gotta get back in the game!

    Been absent a bit. Didn’t get to hunt last weekend and haven’t even been on the site checking out goodies! I’ve been working like a crazy mad woman. My hunting days will also be getting limited. After some soul searching and calculations all last week, hubby and I both enrolled back into college...
  7. Maybe I'm just dumb?

    Thanks. It did do better this past weekend in field mode with no notches (was in a remote area, so I was digging iron). Still got skunked on finding anything good lol Found every single shotgun shell and .22 casing though lol I do have a habit of swinging over my plug to check it before going...
  8. Shake hat?

    Nice! Thanks!
  9. The perfect jug!

    LOL!!! Nothing wrong with that! I’m a squirrel...I stash, forget, and get excited when I find money later LOL
  10. Less than two months (~16 hours) and I found my first two wheaties today.

    Good job! Loved my BH! Wondering....the two pieces on the right, above the wheats and rings...are those gun parts? The round part reminds me of something from a revolver and the other like a trigger or hammer. I’m not an expert by any means at all and good at fabricating ideas lol Maybe someone...
  11. Office finds!

    One is soooo scratched up I can't even read the front or the back, just liked it lol The other is a 2001 but it's silver colored? I actually just got home and took some polish to it just to see what it'd look like. Tons of tarnish came off and it's super silver colored. Never seen one like that...
  12. Office finds!

    My ADD is severe today lol So I've been working for my mother-in-law's business for 10 years. Since before I started working here, she's always hoarded change in her desk, mostly pennies. I've never seen her clean it out....until now. Me being me, I picked through all of it LOL Came out with 4...
  13. The perfect jug!

    I've been having to keep myself distracted the past couple days b/c I've been getting excited about hunting a new spot this weekend. Decided to clean up the big jug I found last weekend and use it as a change jug. It's the first one I've found with a big enough opening for a quarter. Cleaned out...
  14. Shake hat?

    Anyone know what that means? I saw it on two Confederate maps that were supposedly stolen by Union soldiers. Google shows me hats, shakes, and Taylor Swift lol My father in law said he thinks it was some sort of pub type place. The map says (town name) “shake hat” (another town name). And at the...
  15. My first time magnet fishing (Funny!)

    LOL! Glad I’m not alone! My first magnet trip went similar....although I had to cut the string and magnet is still stuck to a piling UNDER the bridge and too high to get with a boat *face palm*
  16. Funny find story

    Nice! I find scary things in my couch ???
  17. Maybe I'm just dumb?

    Well it makes me feel better that I'm not alone lol
  18. Maybe I'm just dumb?

    I'm using the Simplex. Whatever the one is that just came out lol
  19. Maybe I'm just dumb?

    First off let me say, I am NOT tech savvy. Like at all. I'm more comfortable with something I can just turn on and take off. Well hubby bought me the Simplex, and I do love the weight and feel of it. I thought I was doing pretty good with it until last weekend. I do ground balance when I turn it...