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  1. Gray Squirrels

    pellet rifle. or buy the big victor rat traps and bait in peanut butter. im surrouned by black walnut trees so i have major problem with squirrels. i even found walnuts under the hood of my truck. i also had to remove a tall ash tree that overhung my roof. during the day i could hear them...
  2. cold day detecting

    hit my local park where i found some silvers. found more bullets and clad. i did find my first quarter so thats a plus. im learning alittle more on my AT pro each time i take it out. today i finally used the pro mode instead of standard mode. i was happy to find some coins in pro mode(i must be...
  3. At pro

    doesnt the audio and screen display go hand in hand with this machine? if you just listen to audio its still the same signal if you werent listening to audio and only looking at the screen. correct me if im wrong. i have no problem being wrong. when im wrong, i learn things.
  4. At pro

    i have at pro as well. and get signals that are 8+ inches deep. many times it says 10+ inches deep. im curious as well if guys spend the time digging these or if they move onto more better targets thats 6" or less. when the machine says 10+ inches. what could that mean? am i gonna spend 30 min...
  5. YouTuber Disappears RIGHT AFTER Posting Video! - Kenny Veach

    wasnt aquachigger looking for him? i thought i saw something along the lines of this on youtube.
  6. National Lapoon Christmas Vacation

    i dont do facebook. but that movie is my one of my favorite christmas movies. i just wish "clark" was more polite to his fans. i heard he is a real jerk in real life. shame.
  7. crickets in here?

    anyone from northwest jersey around here? want to meet up for a hunt? im in the bloomsbury nj area near 78 and jugtown mountain.
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED This petrified wood has to be at least 1000 pounds any idea what this might be worth or how I could find out?

    im sorry. thats not 1000 pounds. i work with 1000+ pound rotors for pumps daily. no way that wood is 1000 pounds.
  9. Garret - Excellent Customer Service

    good to hear. have an AT pro and pin pointer.
  10. Coins I bought With 2021 Clad finds

    great idea. nice way to turn clad into something better.
  11. 1917 Merc and possible NJ State Civil War button

    cool! congrats. im from jersey as well
  12. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Does anybody know about the makers of old wood stoves?

    i was gonna say birmingham, plug and play beat me to it. birmingham made cast iron skillets as well.
  13. 18 Musket Balls in 1 Hole!

    wow! nice! great day hunting for sure.
  14. My First Minie Ball!

    cool. congrats!
  15. Why are digging tools so expensive?

    i agree with the above statements. its not really something people buy everyday. kind of a specialty item. it would be very easy to make your own if you knew how to weld. or knew a welder. then you could use a grinder to make any edge you desire. same goes for sand scoops.
  16. Garrett AT Pro Pointer and Tesoro Silver UMax

    i would never metal detect without a pin pointer. saves a lot of time. i only turn my pin pointer on when i need to use it. ( after the plug is dug) once i find my target, the pin pointer is turned off.
  17. bunch of old paper currency?

    anyone know what the difference is between the yellow stamp, blue stamp, and red stamp on the $2 bills?
  18. Hi I'm Pastor Doug!

    welcome, from new jersey. nice site here.