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  1. 🥇 BANNER I found the first hurricane Dorian treasure coin, 1733 fleet !!

    Dream find, wow big congrats on this one! Best of luck for the next one and be safe!
  2. Lion Head Medallion

    Nice find, I think it is called a bridle rosette.
  3. Equinox newbie Tip and you don't have to buy my book :)

    Instructive, thank you. I'm looking for a replacement for my Delta 4000.
  4. Wish I had taken a hammer and chisel with me...Is this atleast medium grade fire?

    Your eye was right, it's beautiful. Wish we has them here.
  5. finally got a poison

    Found one with the cap still on, they are pretty small. Do they have some value?
  6. anyone care to put a date on these bottles?

    Yeah and it seems it was a 2 parts mold, so beginning of the 1900 to 1920ish
  7. Clover Field Treasure.

    Great condition on that dime.
  8. Connecticut copper, 17th-18th century Fur Trade ring, lead token.

    Never saw a seal like this one, not usual. The ring looks great, top notch finds. Thanks for sharing Aureus and HH!
  9. 1778 Portugese 10 Reis

    Super rare find, congrats! I'm going to buy that hat too!
  10. Another day at the park scores old dog tag

    Cool dog tag, always like finding them.
  11. Colorado Rattlesnake Bite Death

    Sad to read, passing at this age is hard of the family.
  12. CAUTION!!! Ft. Lauderdale, FL Beach Hunters!

    The Hilton seems a good choice, nice view! Please, keeps us informed with your Tesoro finds, I'm curious to see if you'll pull out a ring. Best of luck Sir!
  13. Miners tag (bucket list)

    Very cool find! One is rare, two is awesome. Good luck in your search :thumbsup:
  14. 1902 Canada one cent.

    Still in good shape even after a long swim, congrats on the LC!
  15. Beautiful Morgan

    It looks like you took the picture for your avatar after finding the Morgan, that smile is no fake ;) I would go back, just saw your other finds and you seem to have an old spot Sir Digs A Lot. HH!
  16. Been a while, so here goes...

    Sorry for your father loss. The crocks you've found are incredible, WTG sir!
  17. In the backyard there was...

    Your patience payed off, great shots and we're pleased by October's weather, so nice up here too. I like the moment caption on the last picture, that little fella is really concentrated on his task.
  18. Weekend Ring Trifecta – Gold, Diamonds & Ruby

    Wow! Congrats on the finds and the return! I know some people (not here) that would have kept it. :notworthy:
  19. Beautiful Morgan

    I'm a wannabe, congrats on the Morgan, one of the best looking silver imho.
  20. Been too long since a hunt like this - warning lots of pics!

    Very good hunt, the ring was waiting for you to find. WTG and congrats for this epic hunt!