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  1. cold day detecting

    hit my local park where i found some silvers. found more bullets and clad. i did find my first quarter so thats a plus. im learning alittle more on my AT pro each time i take it out. today i finally used the pro mode instead of standard mode. i was happy to find some coins in pro mode(i must be...
  2. crickets in here?

    anyone from northwest jersey around here? want to meet up for a hunt? im in the bloomsbury nj area near 78 and jugtown mountain.
  3. bunch of old paper currency?

    i have a lot of old paper currency (and coin, but ill stick to paper for this post) bunch of $1 bills with yellow and blue stamps, bunch of $2 bills with red stamp, and an old $5 bill. just going through some stuff and caught my curiosity if they might be worth anything. heres some photos, you...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED any idea what this could be off of?

    found this today on a river bank. it wasnt deep only couple inches. i dont think its anything special but im just trying to get ideas of what it could be off of. when i first dug it i thought it was just a rail road spike. but after cleaning it up a little bit it was a bracket of some sort...
  5. transit token found

    found this transit token today. it reads "lehigh valley transit Co." on the back says "fare check" pretty cool. never found a transit token
  6. anyone run a wood stove as primary heat source?

    i do. i lit mine this weekend. likey it wont shut off until april of 2022. i split and burn about 8 cords a season. all free heat for me. i collect logs from people who give them away etc. also contact tree services that give away wood from jobs for free. heres some before and pictures of my...
  7. ✅ SOLVED help identify this bullet

    not so much of what is it. i know its a bullet. but from what? modern bullet or old? seems to be unfired or maybe it just didnt hit anything solid when fired. according to my caliper its just a tad smaller then a .357
  8. ✅ SOLVED found this today in a park.

    was burried about 8 inches deep. the top and bottom is rusted however theres a middle piece on it that is not rusted. bottom is flat. top is pointed. heres some photos with measurements. sounds hollow inside. any ideas before i start to clean it up? disregaurd the last photo. cant seem to...
  9. some park finds today

    hit a new park today and found some silver and a few other items and what is this? heres some messurements and sounds hollow also found this. its not metal, i just saw it in a hole i was digging
  10. question on signals

    i hunt with a garret AT pro. ill sometimes get a great signal and once i start digging. the signal is either gone or not as strong. what causes this? also ill get a good 80 signal and go back over it and nothing i am ground balancing and hunting in standard mode. should i switch to pro mode...
  11. wife found this button in our backyard

    our house was built in 1890. i found a wheat penny. and she found this button. smaller then a dime and flat on one side says imperial standard
  12. Need help identifying this iron piece.

    Found this iron piece in my backyard. I have no idea what it could be. It has a handle . The entire piece is iron. It's about 16 inches long, but looks like the end broke off at one point in time which is why it was left for garbage . I just don't know what it could be or would of been . Here...
  13. Need help identifying this glass piece

    I found this glass piece on the river bank while duck hunting right after a big flood. My first guess is it's just a regular glass cap to something maybe a glass perfume bottle? Not sure. Maybe you guys have seen something like this. Here are a few photos. First is just a comparison for size...
  14. False signals

    I have a question about false signals. Last weekend I was using my AT pro and quite a few times I had a good hit but once i broke ground it was gone. I even took my pin pointer out to double check and nothing. I was also ground balancing . But still had false signals. What gives?
  15. Double "J" day

    I had a couple hours to hunt today. I hunted a heavily wooded area where a road once was. I didn't find anything spectacular but pulled out an old square nail that was bent and half a horse shoe. I found it funny that I found two items that looked alomst identical but where so far apart from...
  16. One of my daughter's birthday presents

    My daughter turned 3 years old. This was one of her birthday presents. A bounty Hunter gold digger.
  17. September 11, 2001 newspaper

    I was only in 8th grade at the time of September 11 2001. I remember I stayed home from school Because I had poison ivy everywhere from playing man hunt the weekend before. For whatever reason (I do not know why) I saved the newspaper from September 12, 2001. My mom had bought the newspaper...
  18. How old is this pulley?

    I found this pulley on my first metal detecting trip . Found it on land that backed up to a farm that's been around for a very long time. I'm just curious as to how old this could be. It was about 8 inches deep. The pulley is about the size of a softball.
  19. Garret AT pro and the beach question

    Will my AT pro work well at the beach? I keep getting mixed opinions. Some say yes it will, but only in the dry. What about the wet sand? Couldn't i just ground balance the machine in the wet sand? Sorry if this is a stupid question but this is a new hobby of mine. Thanks!
  20. handheld GPS and metal detecting???

    anyone here bring along a GPS with them while out hunting? I dont mean so you can find your way back, but i mean marking "waypoints" of areas where you found something. for example. while your out hunting, lets say you found a liberty standing. you could mark the exact area where you found it...