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  1. In Placerville,Ca.. Need tips on gold program.

    Visiting my brother in Placerville. Didn’t bring my 800, but a friend of his has one and lent it to me. Have not used the gold program, so I’m looking for any tips from anyone that’s used the program for gold. Can’t think of a better place to try her out! Thanks for any tips!
  2. Maybe first hammerstone, and mystery I'll leave up to the experts.

    Was invited to go hunt for Indian artifacts this morning with a buddy from work. He's been at it for about 28 years. Couple of my bucketlister's are a bannerstone & a hammerstone, so I was hopeful with his knowledge, this may be the day. After about a half hour, this popped up. He told me...
  3. Is this lightening sand?

    Buddy of mine gave me this the other day. He told me he was told it could be lightening sand. Supposedly what happens to sand when hit by lightening. It was found in Kankakee county in Illinois, and in sand. Any thoughts?
  4. ❎ SOLD WM08 Wireless Module for EQ6 and EQ8

    WM08 wireless module with charging cable. New still in package. Asking $175 shipping included. Paypal family & friends. Lower 48 only.
  5. ❎ SOLD New WM08 wireless audio w/ML80 headphones for EQ6 & EQ8 .And a bonus

    Have my own headphones and don't need the wireless setup. Throwing in a bonus gift. 1 unopened Jiusion Digital Microscope. Long story short. I bought one of these about a year ago, and I couldn't get it to work, so I called the seller, and they said we'll send out a new one, and don't send the...
  6. First hunt in the dark!

    Been so dang hot, I haven't got out much. Decided to hit the baseball/playground area's at the school I work at. Dates back to the late 1800's, and found an aerial from '39 showing a few houses that used to be there. Started early 3 a.m. and hunted till about 6. I have been working here for 5...
  7. Crop circle gone wrong

    Ah yes, another 105 heat index day here in the beautiful Midwest. So I'm doing a little research, and came across this farm field. Drunk aliens or the GPS on the old John Deere needs to be calibrated:laughing7: Did anyone see Spring this year????????????????????????
  8. Another good day at the park.

    Sunday morning I was on the way to a farm that I've been hunting for the last couple of years. On the way, I pass the park that's been really good to me lately with silver, so what the heck I pull in there first , mainly because it rained overnight, and I wanted to see how the EQ performed with...
  9. Bucket lister at the park!

    After my last hunt at my favorite park where I pulled 8 silver dimes and a bunch of wheats last week, I was thinking why only dimes when there should be some silver quarter's? Went back there Sunday to do more pounding where I got the silver's, and although I didn't get quantity this time, I...
  10. Is this an error or does a merc have an earring?

    Was going through some finds and saw this Merc with a circle that looks like it's right in the center of the dime. Is this an error , or added some other time. What do you think? Thanks, Steve
  11. Chores to do, had to dig for an hour.

    Chores are piling up, but had to get out for an hour at the park. Managed another Rosie, 1 Wheat, 1 clad penny, 1 nickel, 1 Empress Casino Token (about a half hour from me) and 1 burned up Matchbox. The weekend hunt I ignored nickels and just went for the high tones. I took about 20 mins...
  12. Someone had asked for a review of the EQ at a hunted out park a while back.

    Pulled the trigger like so many other folks did, and bought the EQ 600. Was going to get the 800 but didn't want to wait:laughing7: The last 2 years I've been using the ATPro, and really like it, and felt comfortable that I new what I was doing. This Saturday and Sunday my plan was to hunt a...
  13. Tone pitch settings on the 600

    A little confused. As read in manual, "Equinox 600 allows only the first tone pitch to be adjusted". Can the tone pitch for each of the 5 tone regions be changed on the 600? Thx!
  14. ❎ SOLD ATPro Package

    ATPro for sale: 2 yrs. old with around 300 hrs. Gently used. Includes: 5x7 dd coil with cover. Stock dd coil with cover. Nel 15" Attack coil with cover. (Used for only about 15 minutes) Stock headphones. Normal Wear AT headphone adapter 1/4" Camera mount. (Didn't want to pull it off if I...
  15. Did you buy, and why?

    Morning folks. With all the hoopla over the Equinox, I was wondering how many of us pulled the trigger and why? I have an EQ8 on order and here's why I decided to buy. 1. I'm impressed with some of the good targets at 6 to 8 inches being dug, but I've noticed they're very strong signals, so...
  16. Where do you send the Equinox if it needs repair.

    Have never owned a Minelab, and was wondering where you send it if it needs repair. Minelab or dealer? Thanks!
  17. Equinox 800 field hunting

    One problem, I think it's in German:BangHead: Still a good vid. Impressed with the depth. It's a long one, about 28 minutes, but it's constant digging. Maybe start at the second half. If you have the time, take a look see. Good early learner.
  18. Moved this from today's finds. Gold sphere's that float?

    Saw this this morning and thought I'd see if you hardcore's have seen this before , and no what it could possibly be. Inquiring minds want to know:laughing7:
  19. Which Nel coil for best depth for AT PRO

    Hi all! As many of us are waiting, and waiting, and waiting to see how the Equinox will be reviewed once it finally gets here, I want to get a new coil for my AT. Plain and simple, I want to get deeper. I've narrowed it down to the Nel 15" DD Attack coil, or the Nel 15"x17" Big. (Already...
  20. Civil War or abouts.

    I found this bullet and round steel ball over the weekend at a park in north central Illinois. Found the ball first, and thought it was maybe a ball bearing or whatever, and didn't think much of it. Then I found the bullet and saw the ring around it. I've seen enough 3 ringers on here to make me...