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  1. A Huge Thank You to My TreasureNet Family!

    Glad your doing good Terry! Look forward to your posts.
  2. 🥇 BANNER My First US Gold Coin!

    Great find! Congrats! She sure is pretty to look at!
  3. Minelab Customer Service

    I just had to send in my 800 for service. The control pod faded and no display on the screen. I got ahold of the repair center and emailed them my problem and sent it in. They replaced the control pod and also gave me all new shafts which I didn’t know needed replacement. All in a 2 week...
  4. 🥇 BANNER Still Shaking! Found a few Morgan Silver Dollars

    I just watched your video and got excited myself! Great find and congrats!
  5. GUESS & WIN! Ends Sunday Feb. 7, 2021

    872 accepted and 191 rejected... Thanks.
  6. My New 1921 Morgan Ring!

    Wow! Your friend made a BEAUTIFUL ring for you. I would wear that myself.
  7. 1853 seated liberty quarter

    Real nice coin! Good detail too! Congrats.
  8. First Spanish silver in 30 years.........

    Great job! She sure is pretty. Congrats and continued good hunting.
  9. 🥇 BANNER Dug a CC Morgan!

    That is an amazing find CoinFetcher! We all look for mint marks with silver hoping to see CC . You hit it with a big ole silver. Congrats and show more when you clean her up. HH
  10. I Got Lucky Today

    Great job tabman! On the coins and all the new permissions! HH
  11. First Silver Coin of the Year is 119 Years Old

    Good job! Great start to the new year. I like the silver and other finds. Congrats on the new permission and good luck.
  12. Hey TheCannonBallGuy

    Good to see you on here again TheCannonBallGuy! Glad to hear your faring well.
  13. Coil bolt kinda sucks

    I agree. I have the 6 and 15 inch coils and purchased an extra lower shaft for both for convenience and makes it quicker to change between them.HH
  14. Not big for you but for me!!!!! 1876 seated liberty dime

    Great job Stuperduke ! Congrats on the 1800s club. I’m still trying to get in myself. That sure is a pretty dime! HH
  15. First silver found, 1926 Mercury dime.

    That’s a great 1st silver coin! It took me a year and a half to get my first merc. Continued good hunting!
  16. Another Great silver day!

    Thanks for all the good words and encouragement! Happy New Year and good hunting in 2019!
  17. First hunt with Equinox 800 doesn't disappoint!

    Great first hunt! I am still learning mine but keep getting more confidence with it every hunt. Continued good hunting.
  18. A Walker, a Washington, 2 Mercuries, a nice artifact, and a pile of clad

    Great job! That’s a lot of targets to dig but you found some really nice ones. HH
  19. Two Indians go to the Barber

    Great finds! Sweet dime and I love those Indians! Both are still on my list to find. Continued good hunting.
  20. Another Great silver day!

    Today we went to a park we had hunted for a very short time about a year ago and we found a few silvers but just didn’t have a chance to go back til today. We all had a great day with a lot of coins for everyone. We started about 645 this morning and my 4th target was this 1902 Barber quarter...