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  1. ๐Ÿ”Ž UNIDENTIFIED I found this 'coin' in England in 2019 (after that have not been back - Corona). But it could be a coin way back when, but what is it now?

    This copper 'coin' has one blank side, and the other only has a small crown and under the crown two letters, a W and a R. It so happens that a crowned WR is a famous icon for marking tin beer โ€˜pulsโ€™ in England in the past. A โ€˜pulโ€™ is a temporary container for beer (until it is empty). So this...
  2. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Failed Oil-Seed Rape - Day 2 - CELTIC GOLD & even more Fibulatastic...

    Wow, that must be one of the hardest things you have experienced in your young life, sitting at home and seeing what your dad brings along to let you view (NOT keep) and darn nice finds also! And you cannot search. What a bummer... Well on the good side is next year not far away.... It is not...
  3. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER Failed Oil-Seed Rape - Day 2 - CELTIC GOLD & even more Fibulatastic...

    Yea I read that. I had that sort of thing happen quite a few times, but for hammered, never gold. No, not been detecting this year, not really corona but cancer (but gone now, at least for now) and getting married again takes all my time up. Due to the cancer had to have a brace installed in my...
  4. Tin Mustard Pot

    I received a date for the pot a long time ago but forgot to post it. It is from the period 1600-1650.
  5. Return to the Roman Site - Day 4...(Finished)

    Hey Cru, if you run out of American cents (I think you are soldering the coins to the cents to make sure they don't blow away) well I have a large pot full of them, so let me know... Earl
  6. Finished Fan's Roman Site - Roman Silver & GOLD HAMMERED!

    Again nice finds you two!:angel3:
  7. Winter Stubble + Sewage Site - Day 2 - Stunning ROMAN SILVER...

    Always nice finds. I have a couple of those hearts, but did not know they are lead weights!
  8. Winter Stubble (Finished) + Sewage Site - Day 3 - 2 Hammered, CELTIC GOLD...

    Good (very) finds Cru and Dad. You guys are still finding stuff even in these cold days... Good Luck, Earl
  9. Button, what is it?

    Hmm... OK, will go back to the site and see what I missed. OK looked again at the auction place where I had found the info, and then to a couple of forums where I found the same button. The forums said just what you knew, 1902 or after! Yes you are right again you walking encyclopedia! Good...
  10. Button, what is it?

    Yea it's a long time between drinks for sure. Nothing wrong, only retired so do not have any time anymore (guess I was retired when I posted a lot too). But things change and just don't get out so much anymore in Holland, England for two weeks and maybe a few times searching here is it. My part...
  11. Button, what is it?

    Found! Using all the good information that you guys have given me I found the button! It's a 19th British Army Tunic Button, 24 mm, created by E. Armfield & Co Birmingham England Thanks all!:icon_thumleft:
  12. Button, what is it?

    Thanks much Cru for the confirmation!
  13. Button found in England

    Thanks Crusader... the photo is not as nice as the button itself, could not make a good photo. Will look carefully and maybe I see some data.
  14. Button found in England

    Thanks Cheffer! Will look that direction.
  15. Button, what is it?

    Thanks for the idea Joe!
  16. Button found in England

    Hi Mike, what do you mean about Sawtry, is that where the button came from. So in Saigon, I was worked there in 67-69, but never had a detector then. Do you search there?
  17. Button found in England

    Here is the second button, also could be military Material copper/bronze Weight 4.07 Diameter 23,7mm