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  1. Distant County Park Hunt with Tnet’ers

    My first reply/post in a year plus Hah ... Here goes the buckle and DB emblem.
  2. Since My Last Post; Seateds, Barber, Marksman Rifle Bar, RR Lock ...

    It's been a while since I posted. Today is a rainy day so I figured it would be a good time to catch up. Yesterday morning I popped Seated Dime #2 fty. Then a couple buttons, Indian, and 2 Large Coppers of some sort. This past Wednesday was Seated Dime #1 fty along with a 47 Rosie and 3...
  3. On Track for 100 Silvers FTY & an odd Medal

    I like the variety of your finds in 2020 and how you broke it down by which LC bust and such. I'll post my up to date count on my next post.
  4. Woods hunt

    Woods hunts are also my favorite and it is treating you very well! The sterling watch piece is very sweet! I've been lazy at posting too! I found a seated dime yesterday so I feel like I have to post hahaha
  5. 300 Million - 1940’s... last week

    I'm always tempted to play the lottery on the miners tag numbers. The police button is really sweet. Good stuff!
  6. Fri-Sun Wrapup; Barbers, 1926 Bottle, Lion Knife, etc

    Here is a clearer full picture of the possible double die or double strike.
  7. Fri-Sun Wrapup; Barbers, 1926 Bottle, Lion Knife, etc

    Haha I'm trying, this is the last full month mostly without poison ivy and mosquitos.
  8. Fri-Sun Wrapup; Barbers, 1926 Bottle, Lion Knife, etc

    The Nox is hitting Barber Dimes consistently. Friday and Saturday I met up with pa_dirt for some areas of interest then Sunday I made it out for a newly researched area solo. The weekend produces a US Army Disc, 1916, 1902, 1898 Barber Dimes, 1889? & 1905 Indian, 1907 & dateless Vs, old lion...
  9. One hit wonder

    I also got a 1902 dime this weekend as well. Cheers :occasion14:
  10. Equinox Week 3 - Gold/Silver Jewelry, 2nd Oldest US Coin, Rare Token

    Congrats on your 2nd oldest US coin. The gold ring is totally clutch.
  11. Easter Weekend Results are in - Keg Spigot, Arrowhead, King George III, & more

    Incredible weekend if I were the judge. How many arrowheads have you found over the years?
  12. Large Sterling Cigarette Case Today? Bunch of Silver Dimes And Old Coins

    Wow, killer finds. Sterling case is amazing.
  13. Short Hunt Yields Old Temperance Token & Barber

    Thx! I'm working on a P mint Barber dime collection so this was a very needed year. There's banners currently on the closed Old Stone Inn asking for donations for building rehabilitation. I'd love to have a drink there if it reopens. Here goes a recent article...
  14. Short Hunt Yields Old Temperance Token & Barber

    I got out yesterday evening for a short hunt in the West End area of Pittsburgh. A short while ago I finally ID'd the holed token doing some research. Only 2 finds on this under 2 hour hunt as I've hit some of this area with the ATP 3 years ago. 1800s era Temperance Token. This area was also...
  15. Notable Recent Finds; Silvers, Indian, Bicycle Badge, What's-it?

    Hey guys and any gals?, I wanted to catch everyone up on some of my recent better finds including today. Today I pulled a deeper than usual Indian and it cleaned up well and fast. This Bicycle badge was in the leaf clutter. I always check to make sure garbage signals are can tops, once in a...
  16. The only twenty cent piece I’ll find...

    Neat post! I'd just leave those melted dimes as is. You'll likely never know what they were. I've also found my share of mutilated silvers so far this year.
  17. Nox Week Two - 3 Silvers, Canadian Cent Trifecta, Beautiful V Nickel

    I like the long posts, I can see a week's worth of your finds easier this way. I don't think I'll ever dig a Canadian Penny Trifecta. I had US 1 cent Quadfecta earlier in the year (LC, FE, Indian, and Wheatie) but the dirt bit them too hard to post. Keep tearing it up, looking forward to your...
  18. Matron Head Large Cent and Flying Eagle this weekend

    I wish i could find more printing plates! I haven't found one in about 3 years. Looks like your weekend went pretty well for rehitting areas you pounded.
  19. Some interesting oldies this weekend

    You really know how to bring home the best relics. Even tho the silver coins are hiding you're still doing very well.