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  1. "Do-Not-Call"

    Honestly, you can't. We just have to live with it. You're supposed to be able to submit them for fines, etc., however most cannot be traced and end up being lost causes. For me, I just don't answer anything unless it is in my contact list. If it is important and not in my list, they can...
  2. Your best one liner!

    Don't run behind a bus, you may get exhausted.
  3. New in SE MI.

    Thanks SD51, I added you as a friend and will likely take you up on that. Either I will still need help or we can hunt together sometime. Thanks again, Brian
  4. New in SE MI.

    Greetings all. Just picked up a Vanquish 540 Pro Pack with Pro-Find 20 and a Diamond digger. Just barely out of the box. Not sure if many people detect during the snowy months, but I would love to meet up or have someone teach me the ropes. All new to me, other than watching Youtube vids and...
  5. Minelab Vanquish Cheat Sheet for Operation

    Thank you for this. I just got my Vanquish 540 Pro Pack, and haven't used it yet. I will most likely go all metal for my few few hunts, but I can see this would be very useful. Would be great to keep it up date with data such as what Terry posted.
  6. New member from Michigan.

    I bet there are lots of new members getting things as holiday gifts. I saw a Bounty Hunter at Costco, but started reading an decided on the Vanquish 540 Pro with the Pro-Find 20, as well as a Diamond Digger. Should be enough to get me started. Do people still hunt with snow on the ground...
  7. Cast iron thingee

    Looks like a brake pad to me.