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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Brass gear with threads

    What is it? It has right hand fine threads inside and 10 teeth. About a 1/2” hole in the gear end. It’s not pipe threads inside.
  2. Route 66 Metal Detecting Hunt. Milfay, OK

    This is a club hunt, event limited to first 100 people. Sept 25th at 10am $20 early bird, $25 after Sept 16th. Milfay School, MIlfay OK 2 hunts Foreign coin and token hunt (with roman coins) Silver hunt Go to Route 66 Metal Detecting Club in Facebook to enter.
  3. auto light bracket?

    This is a brass piece with a chrome plated nut on top. On bottom has two copper posts, looks like something was broken off inside, possibly a light bulb. A mounting post is about 1/4" diameter. Anyone have any idea what this is and what it was used on.
  4. Ned Christie's cabin location

    Does anyone know the exact location of Ned Christies cabins, i know there is at least 3. Two near Wauhilla, and one near Rabbit Trap. And where is Ned's Mountain Fort? Would like to do some detecting around them if possible. There is also supposed to be a cave near Welling. Thanks.
  5. Ammo looking thing, what is it?

    I found this in the backyard of a house from the 50's. It appears to be made of solid zinc (not lead, too hard, and not magnetic), it has a pocket with a white cement around the hole. Also the end plug may be threaded, but I didn't attempt to take it out. Its around 3.75" long, and close to...
  6. ✅ SOLVED What is this button?

    I found this button in my yard today, it looks old, but I am not sure. The back was iron, and crumbled off when I picked it up. Appears to be copper or bronze. I can make out an axe on the top, and on the crest it has a Pi and an E (I think). Its just a little larger than a penny. The...