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  1. Anybody Going to Red Dirt?

    Bo is not going to be there, and its moved to September.
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Brass gear with threads

    It’s probably just the camera angle.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Brass gear with threads

    I think you are right, the wear pattern doesn’t look like it ran against a gear.
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Brass gear with threads

    What is it? It has right hand fine threads inside and 10 teeth. About a 1/2” hole in the gear end. It’s not pipe threads inside.
  5. Free powerful magnets

    What do the magnets look like, or what is their shape?
  6. a Thousand Tokens and Fake Coins, buried by Bill Jenkins

    That would be great to know the general location!
  7. Route 66 Metal Detecting Hunt. Milfay, OK

    Gypsy Jewels is planning on attending.
  8. Route 66 Metal Detecting Hunt. Milfay, OK

    This is a club hunt, event limited to first 100 people. Sept 25th at 10am $20 early bird, $25 after Sept 16th. Milfay School, MIlfay OK 2 hunts Foreign coin and token hunt (with roman coins) Silver hunt Go to Route 66 Metal Detecting Club in Facebook to enter.
  9. PLEASE help me and my historical society identify these finds

    5, 6, 7 and 8 are parts to a burner on a kerosene lamp.
  10. What states have you detected in ?

    Arkansas Hawaii Oklahoma Texas South Carolina Florida South Dakota Missouri Tennessee New Mexico Wyoming

    Some had a steel core, maybe it rusted making it crack the copper jacket.
  12. John E Fletcher Bandit loot

    If i lived closer I would check this out!
  13. Ned Christie's cabin location

    It looks like Roy Hamilton has died a few years ago. When I get time, I might drive over to Wauhilla and ask around.
  14. Retired US Army Oklahoma Newbie

    I live over by Muskogee, if you have any good leads down there, I might be able to join you. I usually just hunt the parks and schools around here. Not too good at getting permissions.
  15. Good Morning from Oklahoma..

    Welcome from Eastern OK.
  16. Hey friends I was hoping you could take a look. Is this a false wall?

    Looks like it night be, I would chip a little out of that area, and some surrounding it and see if it looks like the surrounding rock. That would let you know.
  17. auto light bracket?

    Its solid
  18. auto light bracket?

    the end below the chrome part has two brass (or copper) nubs sticking out.
  19. auto light bracket?

    It looks pretty brittle, so I didn't attempt to remove the nut.
  20. auto light bracket?

    The mounting post is solid brass, with no hole going thru it. There are two terminals or posts on the top and bottom. The chrome end looks like the bulb remains. It may be a motorcycle turn signal, but I can't think of any old bikes with signals.