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  1. Trucks without brakes | Runaway truck ramp

    Yes. The reasons for overheating your brakes can vary from being inexperienced and not knowing how to properly apply brakes on a long grade to not properly adjusting the brakes before hitting some of these grades. Lots of times I have pulled over before driving the Boston Mountains in Arkansas...
  2. Trucks without brakes | Runaway truck ramp

    Dunno, never had to use one.
  3. Trucks without brakes | Runaway truck ramp

    As a former OTR Driver, these are real lifesavers. Some used to actually be up hill lanes in some spots (Ozarks in Arkansas as I remember).
  4. Couple of My Wife's Latest Paintings

    Back in the 1990's I spent a lot of time in Dumas doing my job. Needless to say, with what I did, I wasn't very popular. Why does everyone hate debt collectors and repo men? ??? Oh well, someone has to do it. I did for almost 28 years . . . and the last 21 as a skip tracer.
  5. Couple of My Wife's Latest Paintings

    Working on a web site for her. More pics of paintings etc. MODS: If this is not allowed, please remove it. Thanks.
  6. Beware of Tesla ! $22,500 to replace a battery pack

    (Wait while I plant tongue in cheek) - BTW, love the image! Diesel powered generator for powering charging station. Yes, because as we all know electricity is produced using only rainbows and unicorns. Never would anyone use something like, oh . . . say natural gas, diesel, or coal . . . to...
  7. Beware of Tesla ! $22,500 to replace a battery pack

    The more I look at it, the more the "electric vehicle" phenomenon is designed to make sure that soon poor folks will have to walk everywhere, as the rich folks think they should.
  8. I Suppose when on Bourbon Street, there could be Many Excuses

    Easy to spot the tourists, they usually can't hold their liquor. Grew up there. One of my buddies just blew my mind. He wanted vodka and orange juice. Watched him sit with a fifth of Smirnoff and a quart of orange juice. A swig off one, then the other. When he finished them both, he got up and...
  9. Seldom get out these days . . .

    I can't be out in the sun, that's all that keeps me in . . . meds react to sunlight. RGINN, your photos open up places I would like to visit. No real mountains here in Arkansas, just some big hills up north. Thanks for those glimpses.
  10. Seldom get out these days . . .

    Couple of recent images I played around with this week. Blue Jay fledgling stopping by for a sip of water on a hot Arkansas day. Some Sweet Allison my wife is growing.
  11. "Crooning" Cicada

    This little creature showed up on my doorstep, "singing" his annoying song. But, was cooperative and posed for a pic. I thought it was cool how his face looked kinda like the back of an old microphone.
  12. I needed speakers like that in the 70's

    Ah the seventies! My neighbors hated me!!! Hooked up a turntable through my PA mixer, amp, then hooked it up to my concert speakers I used to play guitar and sing in a jazz/rock fusion (think Stanley Clark) band in New Orleans. Grab a disco album with strong bass and drums for the vibration...
  13. it's chilly in Chile today Aug 6, 2021

    Maybe it has to do with it being winter in the southern hemisphere :dontknow: ?
  14. Electric Cars

    There you go again, destroying the millennials' dreams! Next thing you know you'll be saying that getting the Covid vaccine doesn't protect everyone from covid . . . or that even vaccinated people should wear masks.
  15. Electric Cars

    Don't say that!!! Millenials get confused someone presents a logical argument and they have to use their grey matter for something other than following the other lemmings. . . . don't you dare mention that converting energy from one form to another causes losses. Electric cars are magic...
  16. 1953 Studebaker . . . Drawing

    Interesting . . . was there when posted, now it's gone. Tried to edit to put it back, but unable to edit my post for some reason. I guess I'll link to a larger version but insert it from a link to the image on my server at my web hosting company. See if this works . . . and stays.
  17. Forgiveness.

    Recite "The Lord's Prayer" . . . the answer is there.
  18. 1953 Studebaker . . . Drawing

    Dabble a bit in "vector illustrations" and thought this ols truck was pretty cool. Only the background (wall, curb, and asphalt) and reflections (mirrors and rear glass) are pixels. Everything else is "vector" drawn. Really liked these old trucks.
  19. Nazi Foo fighters

    Well, simple explanation was included in the story.
  20. Getting old.

    How old is old? I'm soon to be 64 (he said while humming the Beatles song "When I'm 64" , , , again!).