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    Mark- they are making a 13x11 coil
  2. Here they come!

    Did they state thousands in writing somewhere? Because at best- and this is being extremely generous as to what could be double rowed- and out of sight...there are a several hundred there but well less than a thousand. Quite possibly a lot less than that- as I am giving them the benefit of...
  3. Found on Facebook: Andy Sabich's Initial Impressions of the XP Deus II

    This is big praise coming from Andy. I went to his CTX class when the Equinox was just coming out- and people were asking him about it. Just like this situation- he had already used one extensively - and he was firm in his answer to everyone that the CTX was still the better performer despite...
  4. Suggestions for Calabash about your last video- (bottlecap Dues II / Nox)

    Just watched this- Don't take this the wrong way.. but I have 2 suggestions- #1- On the nox - don't compare by maxing the FE setting... instead- use the accept/reject setting to reject the bottle cap signal. It will notch it out just like many other detectors. Then retest. #2- I would...
  5. 1917 Merc and possible NJ State Civil War button

    I'd say yes- that appears to 100% be the same button. Great find!!
  6. Gettysburg 2 day hunt

    Lucky guys!! Great place to hunt!
  7. Old makeup case w/ gold gilt

    Anyone have any idea what time period this could be?
  8. Old sod farm today

    Fantastic find. I'm in 'central'ish Jersey as well. If you ever want to get together - my buddy and I are always looking for new people to hunt with (and drink beer) :)
  9. 1806 Heraldic Eagle Draped Bust 25 C

    Thanks guys! Yea- I'm def going to display it. Probably my best 'show' piece since my 1870 seated $1 dollar- and even cooler since it is much older.
  10. Same spot as 1806 silver- found ornate hollow horse head- ink well??

    Back to the same spot- pulled this. Thought at first maybe chess piece- but once home- the top round piece on head rotates a rod inside…?? No idea…. Weird. No markings.. but I’d guess it’s old.
  11. 1806 Heraldic Eagle Draped Bust 25 C

    I tried to express to my family and friends just how old that is by saying- it is possible someones fathers, fathers, fathers, fathers, fathers, fathers, fathers father dropped it. Maybe more even- as that is 25 years for a generation and people may have married and had kids younger back...
  12. 1806 Heraldic Eagle Draped Bust 25 C

    Thanks guys!! I didn't realize how unusual this was until my friend told me that the U.S didn't start making coins until 1793- and a website talking about this coin says they only made a little over 206k and estimates there are less than 5k 'survivors'. Definitely going in my display. :)
  13. 1806 Heraldic Eagle Draped Bust 25 C

    Went in the woods with a friend hunting yesterday. He went one way.. but I had to pee so I went the other way. I found an 1918 wheat, then another 1918 wheat.. and then a large flat button so I stayed in that area. I saw a rock- and thought to myself- "I can imagine someone sitting on...
  14. I?m taking a poll

    I do- but I?ve also not tried to play with it in my test garden. I?ll head out when I get a chance, and try both ends of the scale compared to proper set, and see what?s what.
  15. Minelab 12+15 or Coiltek 15 coil?

    Thanks for the thorough write up. Any chance you can do a park or school yard hunt?
  16. Cygnus-1X Metal Detector

    I don’t doubt the mans intentions or motivation. He never met me, but he sent myself and several others books on his own dime- about metal detecting that he thought would explain to us how the electronics systems analyzed and produced and how they were affected with things. He was genuinely...
  17. Cygnus-1X Metal Detector

    It really is a shame, because what he was stating to be able to do capability and feature wise was mine blowing. And the fact that he had said he had beta parts that he had been tested and proven to work really makes me sad if it was indeed true. Much like the experiments of Nichola Tesla...
  18. Cygnus-1X Metal Detector

    No. But the obituary is online. Poor guy to have such a big dream and not be able to get it done.
  19. Minelab's successor to the Equinox 800?

    I’d love a lighter weight, plug in recharge, true wireless headphone CTX Other than recovery speed- that is all the nox beats it on. As far as actual detection and data - the 9 year old CTX still stomps the simplistic nox.
  20. vintage wrench

    Go to forums- they know everything about old tools. Post the pics there, they will figure it out!