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  1. Copper butterfly and ant on orange flowers

  2. Huntsman

  3. Yes we feed them!

  4. My wife's enemy

    She's been known to be out at 2 am picking these guys off:tongue3: I often wonder what the neighbors think seeing a crazy woman with a flashlight among her flowers at that time!
  5. Wood Spirit

    Been watching a crazy Canadian's youtube videos and finally decided to try my hand at carving one. Turned out ok for a complete novice, I think.
  6. Snapper

    Found this female laying her eggs this morning along the remnants of an old canal here.
  7. A toy

    I bought a 36” Blackstone griddle last fall and really love using it! This morning I made myself a new license plate for the car.
  8. Hummingbird Houses

    I made these yesterday. My first attempts at them.
  9. I Still Get Excited

  10. New York Hunt

    TNET members Inspector and G.A.P.metal graciously invited me up to hunt with them and and I finally took them up on the offer yesterday. It was a beautiful day in New York and I am very happy I went. Needless to say, I was pretty beat by the end of 4 hours swinging the old coil after not doing...
  11. Anyone know their seals?

    Hoping for an ID on this lead seal. The patina matches a civil war era 3 ringer I have, but I am sure many factors contribute to the color of the aged lead. I found this a few weeks ago and just got around to looking at it yesterday. The 3rd pic shows it sitting on top of a modern American cent...
  12. Flying Cormorants and rain soaked eagle.

    I don't know if these Cormorants are passing through in a migration or maybe here for the season, but I have been seeing more and more of them lately. The eagle is one that hangs around a nearby nest. It is on the river bank at an elevation lower than the road where I take pictures of it, but...
  13. I Knew We Should Have Pulled Over Back There...

    ...and asked directions! At least that's what they seem to be saying to me ;) Male Hooded Merganser on the river this morning. Beautiful little fellow but hard to get close to! These Cedar Waxwings were just across the street from the vehicle when I went to walk Miss Daisy at midday...
  14. Like Water Off A Ducks Back...

    ...Guess snow doesn't work the same:dontknow:
  15. A Couple for Worldtalker

    A few weeks ago Worldtalker asked to see md'ing finds. Well I got out for the first time since early last year. Nothing amazing, but I did get my first holed coin. The eagle was sitting by the local bridge when I went to walk Miss Daisy at 6:30 this morning.
  16. Today set new record high in NE Pa for February

    My, what a beautiful day! It started off foggy on the river It wasn't long before the sun popped out and the creatures did too to enjoy this sunny, very warm day. The turtles were sunbathing everywhere at the marshes today. The one grumpy looking big one looks like he is about to get eaten...
  17. Working Dog

    Saw this fellow and his dog at the lake this afternoon. Even though there were lots of real mallards and Canada Geese all around, the dog was intent on his lessons and pleasing his human.
  18. Glowing Goose and Pileated in a Diamond

    This morning's sights when I walked Miss Daisy. Sure signs of life on a cold morning.
  19. Another Occupied Nest

    I thought I could see something white at this nest while driving today but didn't know for sure until I got home and uploaded the pics I had taken. Also got a shot of an American Kestrel that was hunting at a lake in a nearby county. Both pics stretched the limits of my lens and I had to crop...
  20. Nesting Season

    Finally, a sign that winter won't be too much longer maybe! There were a total of 4 Bald Eagles seen by me today. The first was circling the river when I went over a bridge. I couldn't get a pic of it. The second was at a lake I decided to go to after a haircut. It is below. The third and...