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  1. Dig it out or not?

    Explored a very remote brushy ravine deep in the Pinos Altos Range today. After a long hike, we happened across a large dump in the bottom of the ravine. No trails or old roads anywhere nearby. Dump with very old hand made rail ties on top. Fought through the brush and found a collapsed...
  2. What next, boss?

    The 100 year-old Ponzi scheme and the empire it created are soon to fall flat and empty to the ground, along with us in the the 99% sheep category. Funny money will be replaced by some sort of real money. It'd be good to have a little. If these "treasure caches" exist(ed), I suspect their...
  3. May live forever

    We all need to be careful with the COVID-19. Well, most of us - it seems some of us are invulnerable.
  4. Oak Island-Bruton Vault-Beale connections

    More facts from Cort Lindahl
  5. Aztec gold

    Nice find.
  6. 25 or 6 to 4

    Chicago. Their first two albums were killers. After Terry Kath the guitarist died, they kinda went to elevator music.
  7. Odd word, does anyone recognize it?

    A while back I found this faint old carving. I had to water it and wait for the sun to dry the rock around it in order to read it. It spells ETUISA. Does that word mean anything to any of you? Facing the carving a few feet away are five shallow drill holes in a pattern.
  8. Ten Years After

    Saw them in KC, early 70s, small venue, like in this video. They were awesome. RIP Alvin Lee.
  9. Cort Lindahl

    Verifiable history and self-evident geometry. Oak Island strongly in the mix. Here's a start:
  10. A little Rust Never Sleeps

    Neil and Crazy Horse, back in the day
  11. Quicksilver Messenger Service

    They never went mainstream, but many folks had them pegged as the best of the early San Francisco psychedelic jam bands, and that list included the Airplane, the Dead and others.
  12. OK LUE hounds, go to work on this

    We don't know the coordinates of the finds, but we do know where the Ring Place headquarters are. Notice the longitude?
  13. $17 billion treasure recovery
  14. Led Zep Plus 50 Years

    Well, at least it's rock, and well done too. What a concept.
  15. How Old Is That?

    Just for information purposes re weathering of wooden artifacts. This 4x4 wooden post was erected on a mining claim in 1912 in the New Mexico mountains at 7,250' elevation. As you can see, the post is still intact - and the carvings on it somewhat decipherable - after 106 years of snow, rain...
  16. Marshall Tucker Band

    Can't You See, with the great Toy Caldwell up front.
  17. Troublemaking SF hippies in NYC

    Lock 'em up!
  18. Heart-shaped treasure clues

    Perhaps this is the original Treasure Island. It's near Fiji.
  19. Peter Green

    Back when Mac was a blues band. This is PG's original version of the later Santana song.
  20. For Dog the Treasure Hunter

    Hey Dog, I was going over some old stuff and found this info I have on the Deming NM area. I think you're the only one I know of who pokes around that part of the state. A guy I used to know about fifteen/twenty years ago sketched these petroglyphs he said he found - I think in the Floridas...